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ELS Program Information

English Language Studies (ELS) Program Information

The ELS program offers English as an additional language focusing on preparation for academic studies.

Our English Language Program is designed for students who need English language preparation starting at the beginner level. Learners can start at any level depending on their placement test results. Students can expect to progress at different rates.

ELSQ courses prepare students for the ELS Diploma courses.

ELSQ Courses

Undergraduate university courses can be taken at the same time as language courses in Level 2 and 3 of the ELS Diploma.   

Foundation Level

ELST 0041

  • Write 1 – 2 paragraphs on familiar topics
  • Read at grade 8 - 9.4 

ELST 0043

  • Listen to adapted passages up to 10 mins
  • Maintain a conversation: general topics/course book/personal opinion
  • Give short informal and formal presentation (e.g. storytelling, future career)

Level 1
(Upper Intermediate)

ELST 0181

  • Write 3 paragraph composition (academic style)
  • Read at grade 9.5/10.4 level

ELST 0183

  • Listen to academic and general topics at a natural rate – up to 15 mins
  • Give supported opinions on academically oriented materials.
  • Give oral presentation of up to 5 mins supported by research

Level 2
(Lower Advanced)

ELST 0281

  • Write 5 paragraph essay (compare/reasons)
  • Read at grade level 10.5 – 11.4 – adapted texts

ELST 0283

  • Listen to lectures (simulated and authentic) & variety of media up to 30 mins
  • Speak with reasonable fluency on less familiar and abstract topics
  • Give oral presentation of up to 10 mins (academic)

Level 3

ELST 0381

  • Write 5 paragraph essay (compare/reasons)
  • Read at grade level 10.5 – 11.4 – adapted texts

ELST 0383

  • Listen to authentic academic lectures and a variety of media up to 40 mins
  • Speak fluently
  • Give oral presentation of up to 15 mins (academic)

ELSQ courses (0021/ 0023/ 0031/0033), beginner and lower intermediate students build their academic language skills. Texts and learning activities focus on student success in a university setting in Canada.

This diploma program provides full or part-time intensive English language study for students whose first language is not English and who intend to enrol in university studies or career and professional programs.

The Articulation Guide for English as a Second Language Programs is available at

How can I apply to KPU?

All students must satisfy KPU’s General University Admission Requirements.

  1. Apply online at 
  2. Submit IELTS or TOEFL iBT test results (taken within 2 years) or register to take the KPU ELS Placement Test

  3. When you have your test result make an appointment to see the ACA Academic Advisor or the International Student Advisor. Advisors can help you choose courses.

  4. Register for courses and prepare to start your studies. Advisors can help you register.

How long is each course?

We are currently offering our program in a 13-week format or in 7-week accelerated format.  Features of the accelerated formate include:

  • Full-day or half-day schedule.
  • Two 7 week sessions every semester. Session 1 is indicated as "S30" or "R30" on the ELST timetable. Session 2 is indicated as "S40" or "R40" on the ELST timetable.
  • This 7 week program is intensive and requires 15-27 hours class time each week.

View example of accelerated timetable

View Current/Upcoming University timetables

What is my starting level?

You will be placed in the course that is right for you based on a placement test (IELTS, TOEFL iBT, or KPU ELST Placement Test. Each course has specific placement requirements. You can see these on the Calendar.

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