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Advisor Connect

Advisor ConnectAdvisor Connect is the new way of booking an academic advising appointment. This online appointment booking system allows current students the flexibility and convenience to book their own advising appointment using Advisor Connect. To book an advising appointment, simply follow the instructions outlined below. Refer to the following information "Who should I see?" to ensure you are booking with the appropriate advising unit. For additional assistance with how to book an appointment or if you are having difficulties logging in to Advisor Connect, email Academic Advising at

For prospective students inquiries please contact    

For prospective international students inquires please contact

Advising Appointments

Current students seeking assistance from an academic advisor are welcome to make a 30 minute one-to-one appointment at any of our four campuses. These appointments are intended to assist students with in-depth questions regarding their educational planning.

Students are expected to come well prepared to their appointment. This includes writing their questions ahead of time and doing preliminary research on their own regarding program requirements for their chosen educational goal.

Are you an international student? Please go to:

How Do I Prepare For an Appointment?

  • Research any related information to your program of study at KPU, and, if you are planning to transfer, at the university to which you will be transferring.
  • Write down specific questions ahead of time.
  • Bring all related documentation such as test results or transfer credit evaluations.  

How Do I Make an Appointment Using Advisor Connect

NOTE: For optimal performance using Advisor Connect, please use Mozilla Firefox. If you are booking an appointment using your mobile, once you log in to Advisor Connect, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the mobile version on the left.   

  1. Log in to Advisor Connect using your KPU user name (student ID) and password 
  2. To schedule an appointment, click the "Search Availability" button under the Student Options menu on the left. 
  3. Select the appropriate Advising Centre you wish to make an appointment with from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Select the LOCATION (campus) for your advising appointment.
  5. Modify the search options (e.g. dates, times, days, etc.). 
  6. Click the "Search" button.
  7. Click on the available time displayed on the right for when you would like your appointment (scroll to the right to find more available appointment times)
  8. Choose a REASON for your advising appointment 
  9. Add any NOTES that will assist your Academic Advisor and click SAVE
  10. A confirmation email will be sent to your KPU email in-box. (If you activated your text messaging option from the main menu, you will also receive a text message regarding your appointment)   

How To Cancel Your Appointment Using Advisor Connect?

  1. Log in to Advisor Connect using your KPU user name (student ID) and password
  2. All of your upcoming appointments will be listed on the left under your calendar
  3. To cancel the appointment, click the X next to the appointment (at the end).
  4. Enter your reason for cancelling the appointment (optional) and click the "Confirm Cancellation" button.
  5. To make a new appointment, follow the above steps on making an appointment, starting with step 2

Who Should I Contact if I Have Questions About Assessments, Testing and/or Courses Needed for Upgrading?

Assessment & Testing Services uses a variety of assessments designed determine a student's appropriate placement for admission to courses and programs.  The ACA (Academic and Career Advancement) Advisor is available to provide pre- and post-assessment advice through individual appointments, drop-ins, or emails. You can make an appointment with the ACA Advisor using Advisor Connect, For more information regarding ACA Advising click here.