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Step 4. Check Registration Date & Time

All students accepted to KPU are assigned a registration date. This is the date (and time) on which you have your first opportunity to register in classes for a given semester. Your registration date is pre-assigned 2–3 weeks prior to the start of registration for each semester. At KPU, there is a system of prioritizing students for registration. New students who apply by the early application deadline receive registration priority. Returning students register according to the number of credits completed and their GPAs.
It is important that you register for courses as soon as possible once your registration date has passed to ensure that you are able to secure spaces in your desired classes. Seats are filled in a first-come, first-served basis, and admission does not guarantee registration. Students who do not register early may have difficulty finding available courses.

a) Navigate to the Student Menu tab (top of the screen) > Registration > Check Registration Status.




b) Select the term you will begin your studies and click submit.



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