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Bsc Psychology Lab

Surrey BSc Psychology Lab
Lab Instructor: Betty Chinda
Room: Fir 222
Phone: 604.599.3067 E-mail: or (I check this one quite often)

**Please Note:

The Surrey BSc psych lab is (generally) a closed lab. If you need access to the lab or any lab materials, please contact the lab email.

Dissection Lab Diagram Handout

Dissection Lab Handout Answer Key

Caffeine Lab 

At Home Value VS In Class: PDF icon Difference scores report (for both S10 & S50)  

In Class Form: (due by the end of the class, Jan 24)

Take Home Form (due by Jan 31, 11:59pm)


Online Quizzes

PSYC 2315 Sheep Brain Neuroanatomy Self Test



Tutorial Videos For Graphing in Excel:

1. Bar Graphs

2: Standard Error of the Mean, and Why It's Important

3. Error Bars

4: Multiple Independent Variables in the Same Graph



5. Scatterplots

6. Regression Lines / Correlations