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Future Course Offerings | Psychology


Summer 2018 - Spring 2019

Please Note: Course Offerings are Subject to Change. Updates to this document/website will be made as soon as changes are confirmed. Questions? Please contact the Department Assistant at or 604-599-2981. Last Updated: June 17, 2018

Psychology Course Offering Summer 2018- Spring 2019
Course Number Course Name Summer 2018 Fall 2018 Spring 2019
1100 Intro to Psychology - Basic Process Surrey, Richmond, Online Surrey, Richmond, Langley, Online Surrey, Richmond, Langley, Online
1200 Intro to Psychology - Areas and Apps Surrey, Richmond Surrey, Richmond, Langley, Online Surrey, Richmond, Langley, Online
2300 Applied Statistics Surrey, Richmond Surrey, Richmond, Langley Surrey, Richmond
2308 History& Systems of Contemporary Psyc      
2315 Brain and Behaviour Surrey Surrey, Richmond Surrey, Richmond, Langley
2320 Developmental Psychology: Childhood   Richmond Surrey
2321 Developmental Psychology: Adolescence   Richmond Surrey
2322 Developmental Psychology: Adulthood Surrey Surrey  
2330 Social Psychology Surrey Surrey, Richmond, Langley Surrey, Richmond
2350 Psychopathology   Surrey, Richmond, Langley Surrey, Richmond
2370 Psychology of Personality   Surrey  
2375 Perception   Online Surrey
2385 Cognition Online Surrey, Langley, Online Surrey, Richmond
2400 Experimental Psyc: Research Methodology Richmond Surrey, Richmond Surrey, Richmond
3010 Human Sexuality   Surrey  
3200 Industrial and Organizational Psychology   Surrey  
3210 Attitudes and Persuasion     Richmond
3215 Psychology and Memory   Surrey  
3220 Group Dynamics   Surrey  
3300 Applied Statistics II   Surrey  
3303 Learning: Theory and Practice Surrey    
3307 Historical & Philosophical Fdns of Psyc     Surrey
3311 Psychology of Consciousness   Surrey Surrey and/or Richmond
3316 Infancy     Richmond
3320 Drugs and Behaviour   Surrey, Richmond Surrey and/or Richmond
3325 Psychology of Gender   Surrey  
3343 Psychology of Prejudice     Surrey
3350 Advanced Psychopathology   Surrey Surrey
3370 Advanced Personality Theory      
3400 Applied Research I     Surrey
3450 Clinical Psychology Intervention   Richmond  
3451 Psychology and Law   Surrey Surrey and/or Richmond
3500 Interpersonal Relations I      
3600 Health Psychology   Richmond Richmond
3800 Evolutionary Psychology   Surrey  
3910 Neuropsychology Richmond Richmond  
3920 Aging Richmond, Online Richmond  
3930 Consumer Psychology- Research and Apps Surrey    
3940 Adult Education Surrey (condensed)    
3950 Cognitive Ergonomics   Surrey  
3960 Program Evaluation Surrey    
3970 Community Psychology   Surrey  
3980 Environmental Psychology Richmond    
4000 Practicum Surrey    
4100 Tests and Measurements   Surrey  
4200 Human Factors & Ergonomics     Surrey
4210 Critical Thinking Richmond Richmond  
4315 Neuroscience     Surrey
4350 Developmental Psychopathology     Surrey
4400 Applied Research II     Surrey
4500 Interpersonal Relations II   Surrey  
4600 Positive Psychology     Surrey
4700 Culture and Psychology Surrey   Surrey
4800 Professional & Ethnics Issues      
4900 Special topics in Psychology   Surrey  
4910 Rehabilitation      
5000 Honours Thesis BAA/BA/BSc   Surrey (7pm class)  
5010 Honours Thesis II     Surrey