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KPU classes - with $0 for textbooks!

Did you know that KPU offers over 200 courses
that have zero textbooks costs?

KPU now offers Canada’s first Zed Cred programs. The "Z" in Zed Cred refers to zero textbook costs by way of using open educational resources and/or library materials, while the “Cred” means that you can now complete a program and earn a credential without spending money on expensive textbooks.

KPU’s Zed Cred programs include the Certificate in Arts, a flexible yet foundational 1-year program based on the completion of 30 credits of coursework (approximately 10 courses), the Adult Graduation Diploma, equivalent to the BC grade 12 graduation diploma, and Academic & Career Preparation courses that help you prepare for university studies, career pathways, and trades entry by upgrading English, math, and science skills.

Search the Academic Timetable for course sections with zero textbook costs.