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KPU classes - with $0 for textbooks!

KPU classes with $0 for textbooks!

KPU is more affordable and accessible than ever!

Did you know that you can finish your first year of courses at KPU with zero cost for textbooks? Thanks to support from BCcampus, KPU now offers Canada’s first Zed Cred program. The "Z" in Zed Cred refers to zero textbook costs by way of using open educational resources and/or free library materials. Register for courses in the Certificate in Arts a flexible yet foundational 1-year program based on the completion of 30 credits of coursework across various first year courses in ENGL, PSYC, HIST, SOCI, EDUC, among many others.

Course Listings for Summer 2018

Look for a note in the Academic Timetable: This course section has ZERO TEXTBOOK COSTS and is part of the Zed Cred program. For more information visit that signifies a zero textbook cost course.

Dept Course Section Course Name CRN Instructor
ARTS 1100 S10 Experiencing the Arts 20721 Bassani, Cherylynn
ARTS 3100 S10 Interdisciplinary Cuba Field School 21684 Tones, Daniel
ASIA 1111 S10 The Religions of India 21690 Menzies,  Robert
ASIA 1111 S11 The Religions of India 21692 Wood, Ben
BUSI 1215 S11 Organizational Behaviour 21379 Weir, Bruce
BUSI 1215 S14 Organizational Behaviour 21239 McMullen, Marla
BUSI 1215 S15 Organizational Behaviour 20936 Weir, Bruce
BUSI 1215 S16 Organizational Behaviour 21748 McMullen, Marla
ECON 1150 R12 Principles of Microeconomics 20071 Phipps, Laurie
ECON 1150 S14 Principles of Microeconomics 21220 Phipps, Laurie
ECON 1150 S50 Principles of Microeconomics 20081 Phipps, Laurie
ECON 1250 R11 Principles of Macroeconomics 20074 Phipps, Laurie
EDUC 1100 R10 Introduction to Higher Education 21711 TBA
EDUC 1100 S10 Introduction to Higher Education 21710 Vincent, Adam
EDUC 1100 S11 Introduction to Higher Education 21763 Vincent, Adam
EDUC 1150 R10 Introduction to Higher Education for International Students 21713 TBA
EDUC 1150 S10 Introduction to Higher Education for International Students 21712 Dhariwal, Parvinder
ENGL 1100 S14 Introduction to University Writing 21018 Toor, Kiran
ENGL 1100 S17 Introduction to University Writing 21025 Toor, Kiran
ENGL 1202 S10 Reading and Writing about Selected Topics: An Introduction to Literature 20279 Toor, Kiran
ENGL 1202 S50 Reading and Writing about Selected Topics: An Introduction to Literature 21440 Toor, Kiran
ENGL 2350 S10 Critical Studies in Film 21434 Chan, Greg
ENGL 3310 S10 Literature in Translation 21433 Sayed, Asma
FINA 1135 S10 Introduction to Digital Media I 20422 McBride, Scott
FINA 1135 S11 Introduction to Digital Media I 20423 McBride, Scott
FINA 1142 S10 Introduction to Print Media 21522 Leung, Kitty
FINA 2270 S10 Digital Photography 20426 Majano, Paulo
FINA 2270 S12 Digital Photography 21679 Wu, Kira
FREN 1100 S10 French for Beginners I 20579 Kamranian, Somayeh
GEOG 1101 S10 Human Geography 20469 Krishnan, Parthiphan
GEOG 1101 S11 Human Geography 21037 Krishnan, Parthiphan
GEOG 1101 S12 Human Geography 21470 Sadoway, David
GEOG 1101 S50 Human Geography 20742 Sadoway, David
GEOG 1101 S51 Human Geography 21709 Sadoway, David
GEOG 1110 R10 Atmospheric Science 20740 Koch, Joe
GEOG 1110 S11 Atmospheric Science 21471 Koch, Joe
GEOG 1120 R10 Earth Science 20741 Koch, Joe
GEOG 1120 S11 Earth Science 21041 Koch, Joe
GEOG 1120 S10 Earth Science 20386 Thompson, Jan
GEOG 1160 R10 Geography of British Columbia 21472 Thompson, Jan
GEOG 1160 S10 Geography of British Columbia 21473 Thompson, Jan
HIST 2365 S10 Pathways to Nirvana: Cultural History of Buddhism 21430 Menzies, Robert
HIST 3360 S10 British India 1857 to 1947 20561 Menzies, Robert
JRNL 1160 S10 Introduction to Journalism 20289 Goodman, Aaron
JRNL 1160 S11 Introduction to Journalism 21479 Goodman, Aaron
LING 1100 R10 Introduction to Language Structure 20970 Koskinen, Paivi
LING 1300 S10 Languages of the World 21198 Koskinen, Paivi
MUSI 1130 S10 Music Technology I 21532 Cobb, Gordon
PHIL 3033 A75 Business Ethics 20655 Guirguis, Mazen
POLI 1110 S10 Ideology and Politics 21033 Millard, Greg
PSYC 1200 S11 Introduction to Psychology: Areas and Applications 20282 Penner, Kurt
PSYC 1200 S12 Introduction to Psychology: Areas and Applications 20203 Penner, Kurt
PSYC 4700 S10 Culture and Psychology 20705 Bhatt, Gira
PSYC 4700 S11 Culture and Psychology 21055 Bhatt, Gira
SOCI 1125 S16 Introduction to Society: Processes and Structures 21702 Yoshizawa, Rebecca

ZedCred Course Archives: Spring 2018