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Urban Ecosystems: Bachelor of Horticulture Science Major


The new Bachelor of Horticulture Science program is an interdisciplinary program that combines horticulture, business, mathematics, biology, and chemistry. Students will combine technical training in horticulture (trade and technology) with the science of horticulture to resolve community, industry, or research related problems. Innovation and creative thinking are important essential skills that students gain through their involvement in research and enterprise projects. The important themes of the program are the roles of sustainable horticulture in our communities and environments, and the cultural, social, and economic influences on sustainable horticulture.

The Bachelor of Horticulture Science program has the following strengths:

Urban Ecosystems students study the impacts of horticultural activities in the urban environment. Students will learn how to assess the characteristics of urban ecosystems as they relate to landscape function and health. Outcomes include the ability to monitor and analyze the impact of horticultural activities on the local environment, remediate inefficient or ineffective gardens or landscapes, and install landscape features that make a positive contribution to the goal of a sustainable community. Of particular interest is the functioning of urban greenspaces at the edges of residential, industrial, agricultural, and natural habitats.

Students may have the opportunity to engage in international studies. Recently students participated in a three month exchange to Cuba where they worked on a range of plant health related research.

Student Profile

Individuals interested in improving the quality of our urban greenspace whether from high school, horticulture industry, community, or university and college programs in the life sciences or environmental studies are encouraged to apply. This program will appeal to students who are interested in a program where they will both analyze problems and implement solutions that enhance and protect our greenspaces. Students with an interest in the effects of public policy and varied societal perspectives on the implementation of sustainable practices in urban greenspaces will also find this program of value.

Students interested in the specific horticulture industry sectors of greenhouse and nursery production, landscape design and installation, or turf management will be able to complete a of Diploma in Horticulture Technology as a foundation to completing the Bachelor of Horticulture Science.

Career Opportunities

Upon completing the Bachelor of Horticulture Science graduates will be qualified to compete for:

Program Admission Requirements

In addition to Kwantlen's General university admission requirements, including the undergraduate-level English Proficiency Requirement, the following program admission requirements apply:

Year One Admission:

Year Three Admission:


The Bachelor of Horticulture Science, Major in Urban Ecosystems consists of 121 credits of course work.

Horticulture Science Degree Requirements

Year 1 and Year 2

All of:
  BUSI 1205 Supervisory Skills 3 credits
  BUSI 1209 Business Management in Horticulture 3 credits
  CBSY 1105 Introductory Microcomputer Applications 3 credits
  CMNS 1140 Introduction to Professional Communication 3 credits
  HORT 1102 Botany for Horticulture 3 credits
  HORT 1104 Soils and Growing Media 3 credits
  HORT 1110 Introduction to Sustainable Horticulture 3 credits
  HORT 1155 Introduction to Plant Identification 3 credits
  HORT 1217 Introduction to Pest Management 3 credits
  HORT 2300 Horticultural Work Experience 2 credits
Plus one of:
  HORT 2308 Landscape IPM 3 credits
  HORT 2333 Turfgrass Pest Management 3 credits
  HORT 2378 Greenhouse and Nursery Pests 3 credits
Plus two Liberal Education electives (6 credits)
Plus 24 credits (9 credits at the 2000 level) selected from the following list:
  HORT 1116 Introductory Equipment Maintenance 2 credits
  HORT 1122 Introduction to Landscape Practices 2 credits
  HORT 1134 Turf Maintenance Operations 2 credits
  HORT 1171 Production Practices - Fall 2 credits
  HORT 1224 Landscape Drafting 3 credits
  HORT 1230 Sustainable Turf Management 3 credits
  HORT 1240 Arboriculture I 3 credits
  HORT 1246 Plant ID for Production 1.5 credits
  HORT 1255 Plant Identification 2 1.5 credits
  HORT 1261 Plant Propagation 3 credits
  HORT 1271 Production Practices - Spring 2 credits
  HORT 2304 Grounds Machinery 2 credits
  HORT 2320 Landscape Design 1 3 credits
  HORT 2330 Turfgrass and Environmental Stress 3 credits
  HORT 2334 Irrigation, Drainage and Lighting 3 credits
  HORT 2335 Sports Turf Management Practices 2.5 credits
  HORT 2355 Plant Identification 3 3 credits
  HORT 2371 Fall Floriculture 3 credits
  HORT 2372 Greenhouse Vegetable Production 3 credits
  HORT 2375 Production Facilities and Equipment 3 credits
  HORT 2412 Landscape Estimating and Contract Administration 3 credits
  HORT 2420 Landscape Design II 3 credits
  HORT 2426 Landscape Construction 3 credits
  HORT 2436 Golf Course Management 3 credits
  HORT 2437 Golf Course Irrigation Systems: Design and Operations 3 credits
  HORT 2442 Arboriculture II 3 credits
  HORT 2463 Nursery Production 3 credits
  HORT 2472 Forest Crop Production 2 credits
  HORT 2473 Greenhouse Environment and its Control 3 credits
  HORT 2477 Production Management 3 credits
  HORT 2479 Spring Floriculture 3 credits
  HORT 2490 Organic Greenhouse Crop Production 3 credits

Year 3 and Year 4

All of:
  BIOL 1110 Introductory Biology I 4 credits
  ENGL 1100 Reading, Writing and Thinking: An Introduction 3 credits
  ENVI 1106 Environmental Chemistry 3 credits
  MATH 1117 Environmental Mathematics 3 credits
  PHIL 3033 Business Ethics 3 credits
And three credits of Liberal Education Electives
And three credits of upper level writing intensive electives
  12 credits of upper level horticulture. The courses will be listed in the near future; please check the department web page in the fall.

Urban Ecosystems Major

In addition to the Horticulture Science Degree Requirements (above), students must complete:

All of:
  24 credits of upper level Horticulture (urban ecosystems) courses.  The courses will be listed in the near future; please check the department web page in the fall.


Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive a Bachelor of Horticulture Science in Urban Ecosystems.

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