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Appliance Servicing: Certificate


This nine-month program is designed to meet the competency standard and profile defined by industry and provides students will learn to service household appliances  through theory and practical application. The training prepares the graduate for employment in the appliance industry and in related careers that require electromechanical skills and knowledge. Additional information is available on our program website at:  kwantlen.ca/trades/appliance_servicing.

Students who complete the Foundation are eligible for credit for first, second and third levels of apprenticeship technical training, as well as 825 work-based hours toward completion of the Appliance Service Technician apprenticeship program, 7200 hours of work-based training is required. Upon completion of the program students will be eligible to write the Inter-provincial examination.

Program Admission Requirements

In addition to Kwantlen's General university admission requirements including the vocational-level English Proficiency Requirement, the following program admission requirements apply.

Students with mental or physical impairments, who may require program or practicum accommodations, should contact the Program Coordinator at 604.598.6117 or 604.598.6140 to discuss required skills and competencies, and a Disability Advisor at 604.599.3233 to ensure appropriate accommodations can be arranged. Due to the nature of this program, students should have satisfactory physical health.


Required Courses:
  APPL 1110 Basic Electricity 5 credits
  APPL 1115 Basic Electronics 1 credits
  APPL 1125 Electric Dryers 3 credits
  APPL 1130 Electric Ranges: Standard and Self-Cleaning 5 credits
  APPL 1215 Automatic Electric Dishwashers 3 credits
  APPL 1210 Automatic Washers 5 credits
  APPL 1120 Ancillary Products 1 credits
  APPL 1230 Microwave Ovens 1.5 credits
  APPL 1220 Basic Refrigeration and Domestic Air Conditioning 5.5 credits
  APPL 1235 B.C. Provincial "C" Gas Certificate 2.5 credits
  APPL 1225 Work Experience Practicum 1.5 credits

Other Information

Special Equipment

Students will require steel-toed safety shoes, a multimeter, and various other tools.


Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive a Certificate in Appliance Servicing.

In addition, Kwantlen will report your apprenticeship technical training completion information to the Industry Training Authority (ITA) in order for the ITA to determine credit towards your designated apprenticeship.

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