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Plan Your Career

Looking for advice on how to choose a career, plan your education, and find work?  Searching hundreds of online resources is a daunting task, whether you are just beginning your career search or anticipating graduation and seeking employment. So KPU’s Career Services, Academic Advisors, and Counsellors have compiled their top resources below to help you on your career path.

Explore Careers

Have fun learning about your personality and interests, while discovering the career for you.


Plan Your Education

Ready to pursue your career? Here are a few tools to help you decide on a program.


Get Experience

Develop your skills to build your resume and prepare yourself for the workforce.


Find Employment

Learn effective ways to find work, beyond simply applying to postings online. 


View Graduate Outcomes

Learn about graduate outcomes to help you choose your education path.


Access KPU Services

Find out about career seminars and individual appointments.