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Hotel Asset Management

Be a leader in Hotel Asset Management!

KPU Hotel Asset Management program empowers hotel and property asset managers to drive change in the real estate and asset management sectors.

Students from across Canada and around the globe chose KPU's Hotel Asset Management courses to get access to leading industry professionals while developing their skills and confidence to become leaders in asset management.

  • Revenue & Yield Management
  • Hotel Construction Project Management
  • Preventive care and Transition Management
  • Hotel Asset Management, Strategy and Planning
  • Organizational Design and Theory
  • Hotel Real Estate and Physical Asset
  • Hospitality Law, Arbitration and Conflict Resolution
  • Financial Analysis of Hotel Investment

KPU's Hotel Asset Management courses will give you the knowledge needed to understand the financial and operational aspects of hotel asset management. Learn about fundamentals of valuation and explore exit strategies. By the time you've completed the program, you'll know how to develop a superior hotel asset management and execution plan.

Today's competitive business environment needs professional representation of owners in management and franchising agreements along with an understanding of asset's improvement plan commonly known as "the PIP".

This program equips mid- to senior-level hospitality and real estate managers with the perspectives and tools they need to handle the multiple stakeholders and complexities involved in hotel asset management contracts.

  • Revenue & Yield Management (BUSK 9048) (8-week course)


  • Hotel Construction Project Management (BUSK 9049) ( 10-week course)


  • Preventive care and Transition Management (BUSK 9050) (8-week course)


  • Hotel Asset Management, Strategy and Planning (BUSK 9051) (10-week course)