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Plant Production & Facility Management - MEDM 9001

Plant Production & Facility Management is made up of two modules;

Module One: Introduction to Commercial Plant Production

Students will learn to identify the key differences in plant characteristics, receive an introduction to treatment techniques and Integrated Pest Management and the fundamentals of how to design and optimize the environment for commercial-scale cannabis production. In addition, students will study irrigation options and techniques: growing mediums and hydroponic systems; crop cycles; drying and storage procedures—all within the scope of Health Canada's strict regulations.

Module Two: Introduction to Good Production Practices, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Health Canada's Regulations

Students will study the foundational topics and concepts in Good Production Practices including sanitation, security, storage, labelling, destruction, Standard Operating Procedure design and implementation, and record keeping. Students will also examine the key concepts in Quality Management Systems, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, an introduction to the history of legal and regulatory changes, and the application process for becoming a micro or standard licensed producer.

Required Texts:

The Cannabis Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to Cultivation & Consumption of Medical Marijuana Paperback – 2015 by Jorge Cervantes


Cannabis Inflorescence: Cannabis Spp.; Standards of Identity, Analysis, and Quality Control

American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and therapeutic compendium-- Revised 2014

Editors Roy Upton, Mahmoud ElSohly

Delivery: Online
Course Fee:  $1499 + GST


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