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Plant Production & Facility Management - MEDM 9001

Plant Production & Facility Management is made up of two modules;

Module One: Plant Production and Facility Management Theory

Students will learn to identify the key differences in plant characteristics. They will become skilled at identifying healthy plant roots and unhealthy plant roots; learn treatment techniques, and how to optimize the environment for healthy root production. Students will also be taught irrigation options and techniques: growing mediums and hydroponic systems; pest management; crop cycles; drying and storage procedures; and Health Canada's strict regulations.

Module Two: Legalities and Regulations: Becoming a Licensed Producer in the ACMPR Business

Learn the history of government regulations in Canada in the marijuana business, and the history of government regulations of international cannabis hotspots. Understand local bylaws and review current legal challenges while developing an Access to Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulation (ACMPR) application.


Delivery: Online
Course Fee:  $1499 + GST


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