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Customized Training

Customized Training

At your location or at KPU Tech.

Training at your Facility

We offer customized training at your facility using your equipment and giving your students a more comfortable and familiar setting. (Internet access is required)

Host a Course

If you have a training facility but can’t fill all the seats? We can help. You save costs by hosting a course and we will bring in more students from the local area. This is a great option for smaller departments and allows the student to mingle and get to know each other. Our instructors encourage students to share stories related to the course material being instructed and allows for new contacts & friendships to develop.

Live Webinar

This option helps reach remote locations across British Columbia, Western Canada and the Yukon. The live webinar is taught over the internet with split screen viewing; the Power Point, Instructor and other remote learners. It is built on an easy to use stable platform and designed to accommodate both texting and verbal questions periods.

All of our classroom based courses can be taught on the live webinar platform.

KPU Classrooms

We have state of the art electronic classrooms at 4 campus locations; Cloverdale Tech, Surrey Campus, Langley Campus and Richmond Campus.

Contact us for more info and bookings; or by phone 604.598.6039