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Safety Courses

Trench / Excavation Safety Workshop $ 199

Course Description (8 hours / EOCP 0.6 CEU’s)

The trenching and shoring course walks participants through a comprehensive program that included what the WorkSafeBC Regulations & Guidelines state, safe work procedures and what to do if something goes wrong. It covers shoring, benching, sloping and shielding systems. It also includes a section on location of underground utilities and the geotechnical and structural engineered documentation requirements.

This program teaches you what you can do safely and is led by experienced hands on Instructor.

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Confined Space Entry $ 199

Course Description (8 hours / EOCP 0.6 CEU’s)

This program addresses legal requirements, hazards of working in and around confined Spaces. Participants will engage in exercises that test their knowledge and allows them to participate in discussions as to Best Practices, WorkSafeBC Regulation & Guidelines. Students will participate in a Confined Space Entry and require PPE. Led by experienced hands on Instructor.

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Buried Utility Locating – Introduction $ 199

Course Description (8 hours / EOCP 0.6 CEU’s)

This course is instructed in a classroom setting and is for supervisors & labourers who work around buried utilities. Participants will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of line locating and marking as well as related WorkSafeBC Regulations & Guidelines and Best Practices. Students will learn about our buried utility infrastructure, responsibilities, BConeCall, utility owners and damage prevention & notification. Led by experienced hands on Instructor.

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Municipal Map Reading & Utility Safety Workshop $ 249

Course Description (8 hours)


This course is designed to give the students an understanding on how to interpret and read documentation that relates to the Municipal Infrastructure. Students will learn the related Regulations, Acts and Master Municipal Construction Documents as well as Blue Print Map reading symbols, legend and design specifications for Local Cities, Municipalities and Townships. Students will review BC one Call Documentation, utility owner’s roles & responsibilities, ground disturber’s roles & responsibilities and safe utility locate practices. After completing this course students will get a better understanding of how to read and interpret Municipal Construction Drawings.


Course Objectives:

 ·         Reviewing Utility information and hazards

·         Understanding Workers Compensation Act & WorksafeBC Regulations

·         Utility Safety Awareness

·         Review BC One Call Documentation

·         Blue Print Map Reading Group Activities

·         Review of Locating Underground infrastructure

·         Understanding Safety Procedures and Practices

·         Knowing the Emergency Response for Utility Owners


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Utility Locating Fundamentals $ 249

Course Description (8 hours / EOCP 0.6 CEU’s)

This course is focused on the use of your Underground Utility Locating device. Couse covers the following location fundamentals such as; Magnetic Fields, Induction, Passive Signal Detection, Active Signal Detection, Signal Distortion, Direct Connect, Transmitter Clamps, Grounding, Receiver Null & Peek Response, Frequency Characteristics, Transmitting Sonds and Troubleshooting. Course is 30% Theory and 70% hands on Practical, PPE is required and bring your Utility Locating Device.  Led by experienced hands on Instructor.

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Utility Locator Specialist $ 550

Course Description (24 hours / EOCP 2.4 CEU's)

The objectives of this course are to provide participants with the knowledge and skills so that they can: - locate underground utilities safely and effectively - apply skills in accordance with regulation and best practice - seek certification in British Columbia as a Utility Locator Specialist. Led by experienced hands on Instructor. This is a hands on course and PPE is required.

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