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Name Title Phone Email Dean's Office
Carolyn Robertson Dean, Wilson School of Design 604-599-2673 Dean's Office
Andhra Goundrey Associate Dean, Wilson School of Design 604-599-3010 Dean's Office
Sarb Loodu Business Manager, Wilson School of Design 604-599-2668 Dean's Office
Gabrielle Durning Coordinator, Communications, Events, Wilson School of Design 604-599-2567 Dean's Office
Celia Lam Curriculum Assistant, Wilson School of Design 604-599-2771 Dean's Office
Roxsanne Bujnowicz HR Assistant, Wilson School of Design 604-599-2522 Dean's Office
Gail Emanuels Administrative Support Assistant, Wilson School of Design 604-599-2584 Dean's Office
Name Title Phone Email  Fashion Design & Technology
Lindsay Norris Fashion Design & Technology, Program Coordinator 604-599-2591 Fashion Design & Technology
Sam Stringer Fashion Design & Technology, Program Assistant 604-599-2543 Fashion Design & Technology
Alex Diaz Fashion Design & Technology, Faculty 604-599-7583 Fashion Design & Technology
Alyson Brucker Fashion Design & Technology, Faculty 604.599.7584 Fashion Design & Technology
Eleanor Hannan Fashion Design & Technology, Faculty 604.599.2515 Fashion Design & Technology
Heather Clark Fashion Design & Technology, Faculty 604-599-7585 Fashion Design & Technology
Jessica Bayntun Fashion Design & Technology, Faculty 604-599-7579 Fashion Design & Technology
Jimmy Choi Fashion Design & Technology, Faculty  604-599-7183 Fashion Design & Technology
Leah Herbison Fashion Design & Technology, Faculty 604.599.2720 Fashion Design & Technology
Lesley Pollard Fashion Design & Technology, Faculty 604-599-2560 Fashion Design & Technology
Mary Androsiuk Fashion Design & Technology, Faculty 604-599-7581 Fashion Design & Technology
Michael Pope Fashion Design & Technology, Faculty 604-599-2552 Fashion Design & Technology
Natasha Campbell Fashion Design & Technology, Faculty 604-599-7582 Fashion Design & Technology
Sharon Greeno Fashion Design & Technology, Faculty 604-599-2825 Fashion Design & Technology
Shirley Calla Fashion Design & Technology, Faculty 604-599-2746 Fashion Design & Technology
Stephanie Phillips Fashion Design & Technology, Faculty 604-599-2570 Fashion Design & Technology
Name Title Phone Email Fashion Marketing
Jimmy Choi Fashion Marketing, Program Coordinator 604-599-7183 Fashion Marketing
Cheri Rockwell Fashion Marketing, Program Assistant 604-599-2564 Fashion Marketing
Janet Smith Fashion Marketing, Faculty 604-599-2899 Fashion Marketing
Julia Szmigielska Fashion Marketing, Faculty 604-599-2501 Fashion Marketing
Lindsay Norris Fashion Marketing, Faculty 604-599-2591 Fashion Marketing
Michael Pope Fashion Marketing, Faculty 604-599-2552 Fashion Marketing
Natasha Campbell Fashion Marketing, Faculty 604-599-7582 Fashion Marketing
Sharon Greeno Fashion Marketing, Faculty 604-599-2825 Fashion Marketing
Shirley Calla Fashion Marketing, Faculty 604-599-2746 Fashion Marketing
Name Title Phone Email Foundations in Design
Carla Wolf Foundations in Design, Program Coordinator 604-599-7575 Foundations in Design
Alia Ahmed Foundations in Design, Program Assistant 604-599-2827 Foundations in Design
Dale Davies Faculty 604-599-2628 Foundations in Design
Erin Ashenhurst Faculty 604.599.2695 Foundations in Design 
Susan Harman Faculty 604-599-2626 Foundations in Design
Susan Ju Faculty 604.599.7574 Foundations in Design
Name Title Phone Email Graphic Design for Marketing
Carley Hodgkinson Graphic Design for Marketing, Program Co-Coordinator 604-599-3144 Graphic Design for Marketing
Marge Damon Graphic Design for Marketing, Program Co-Coordinator 604-599-2627 Graphic Design for Marketing
Alia Ahmed Graphic Design for Marketing, Program Assistant 604-599-2827 Graphic Design for Marketing
Andy Helmi Graphic Design for Marketing, Faculty 604-599-2612 Graphic Design for Marketing
David Young Graphic Design for Marketing, Faculty 604-599-7577 Graphic Design for Marketing
Erin  Ashenhurst Graphic Design for Marketing, Faculty 604.599.2695 Graphic Design for Marketing
John Belisle Graphic Design for Marketing, Faculty 604-599-2612 Graphic Design for Marketing
Michael Cober Graphic Design for Marketing, Faculty 604-599-7578 Graphic Design for Marketing
Name Title Phone Email Interior Design
Lucie Gagne Interior Design, Program Coordinator 604-599-2687 Interior Design
Debbie Johnstone-Bjerke Interior Design, Program Assistant 604-599-2755 Interior Design
Brenda Snaith Interior Design, Faculty 604-599-2703 Interior Design
Carla Wolf Interior Design, Faculty 604-599-7575 Interior Design
Erick Villagomez Interior Design, Faculty 604.599.2717 Interior Design
Erika Balcombe Interior Design, Faculty 604-599-2536 Interior Design
Mark Pritchard Interior Design, Faculty 604-599-2624 Interior Design
Marlis Joller Interior Design, Faculty 604-599-2757 Interior Design
Martin Ros-Arriagada Interior Design, Faculty 604-599-2757 Interior Design 
Paola Gavilanez Interior Design, Faculty 604.599.2712 Interior Design
Sharon Hollingsworth Interior Design, Faculty 604-599-2790 Interior Design
Stephanie St. Loe Interior Design, Faculty 604-599-7576 Interior Design
Name Title Phone Email Product Design
Iryna Karaush Product Design, Program Coordinator 604-599-2669 Product Design
Program Assistant Product Design, Program Assistant Product Design
Dale Davies Product Design, Faculty 604-599-2628 Product Design
Daniel Robinson Product Design, Faculty 604-599-2542 Product Design
Doreen Leo Product Design, Faculty 604.599.2695 Product Design
Eric Guetre Product Design, Faculty 604.599.2614 Product Design
Erin Ashenhurst Product Design, Faculty  604.599.2695 Product Design
Flavio Ruiz Oliveras Product Design, Faculty 604-599-2203 Product Design
Jimmy Choi Product Design, Faculty 604-599-7183 Product Design
Leah Herbison Product Design, Faculty 604.599.2720 Product Design
Lindsay Norris Product Design, Faculty 604-599-2591 Product Design
Matthew Chan Product Design, Faculty 604.599.7573 Product Design
Sholto Scruton Product Design, Faculty 604-599-7572 Product Design
Stephanie Phillips Product Design, Faculty 604-599-2570 Product Design
Sue Fairburn Product Design, Faculty 604.599.7571 Product Design
Victor Martinez Product Design, Faculty 604-599-2594 Product Design
Name Title Phone Email Technical Apparel Design
Evelyn May Technical Apparel Design, Program Coordinator 604-599-2826 Technical Apparel Design
Program Assistant Technical Apparel Design, Program Assistant Technical Apparel Design
Daniel Robinson Faculty 604-599-2542 Technical Apparel Design
Yogi Dandapure Faculty 604-599-2664 Technical Apparel Design
Name Title Phone Email Technical Support Team
Alan Rumpel Program Technician,  Wilson School of Design 604-599-2633 Technical Support Team
IT Service Desk All KPU Campuses 604-599-2116 Technical Support Team
Juilien Phillips Systems Support Supervisor,  Wilson School of Design 604-599-2739 Technical Support Team
Name Title Phone Email Future Students' Office
FSO Future Students Office, KPU 604-599-3030 Future Students' Office
Name Title Phone Email Academic Advising
Academic Advising          (for current students) Central Advising, KPU 604-599-2600 Advising Email Academic Advising