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Winter Information Sessions & Portfolio Workshops

Interested in applying to one of our design programs? Come join us for free Information Sessions and/or Portfolio Workshops!

KPU Richmond Campus
Wilson School of Design Building (New!)
5600 Kwantlen Street
Richmond, BC

*Please note:

We are thrilled to have moved in to our brand new building, directly adjacent to the Richmond KPU Campus. To access our building, there are several options:

- Enter at one of two entrances on Kwantlen Street (right across from the Lansdowne Shopping Centre, and only steps from the Skytrain)

- Enter from the main Richmond KPU Campus (8771 Lansdowne Road), and enter our building from the ground floor, accessible from the covered campus parkade, or cross the covered bridge from the Richmond Campus, onto our 1st floor. 

- If you're unsure, simply enter the main Richmond Campus and ask anyone to direct you.


Final Steps/Feedback - WORKSHOP FULL

Saturday, February 10, 2018 I 10am-2pm

KPU Richmond Campus, NEW Wilson School of Design Building

Room 3970

Maximum 30 spaces available

Instructors: Lindsay Norris, Heather Clark, Sam Stringer

Join us for this final workshop in our Portfolio Preparation Series.  We will cover off all the remaining details of the portfolio requirements such as:  the Letter of Intent, Resume, Letter of References and provide tips on how to package all of the components together.  We will discuss the interview/submission process and you will also have the opportunity to bring in all work in progress (sewing, design, art components) for further feedback.

Product Design: Portfolio-Builder Workshops - WORKSHOP FULL

'Foarm It'

Saturday, February 17, 2018 | 10am - 12noon

KPU Richmond Campus, NEW Wilson School of Design Building
Room 0965 (The Workshop located on the main floor by the NW entrance)
Instructor: Victor G. Martinez, PhD

I'm Victor, a car designer with an interest in sustainability, electronics, 3D printing and baking bread (among other crazy stuff). At The Wilson School of Design, I teach "Design Studio” in the Product Design program, where we identify problems, research to get inspiration and information, design, prototype and test solutions.

In this workshop we will learn how to transform an idea from a drawing into an object. We will learn a bit of design history and then we will draw our own idea for a new, super-cool chair. Later we will use foam to make this idea into a 3 dimensional object, we will cut and sand... and get dirty in the process so be prepared.

Inspiration Boards

Saturday, March 17, 2018 | 10am - 12noon

KPU Richmond Campus, NEW Wilson School of Design Building
Room 2960
Instructor: Iryna Karaush

Developing design direction is an important first step to deciding what your product is going to look like.  We will go through basics of the Principles and Elements of Design and create our own Inspiration Board for a fictional design brief, focusing on colour, mood and layout.

Iryna holds a Masters in Advanced Studies in Architecture from UBC. With over ten years’ experience in architectural design, Iryna learned how to apply design methods across different media. Her portfolio includes spatial design and research, tennis apparel design, and a newly found passion - food design. 

Designing Futures

Saturday, April 28, 2018 | 10am - 12noon

KPU Richmond Campus, NEW Wilson School of Design Building
Room 2960
Instructor: Sue Fairburn

Led by Sue Fairburn, Designer/Researcher, this workshop will introduce students to imagination and design fiction. Designers often make products that meet needs and solve problems, but sometimes they do this by imagining 'what if?' We will look at Designers and Filmmakers who imagine Future Products - some bring delight and others fear. We'll generate scenarios to feed our own ideas for future products and lastly we'll use a design method called 'Headlining' to tell how they'll be used. 

Complete the form below to sign up for any of our free Info Sessions or Portfolio Workshops (Registration is not required but assists our faculty to ensure that we have enough supplies on hand).