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DocuAsia: Zaatari Djinn

DocuAsia: Zaatari Djinn

KPU Richmond


Zaatari Djinn

Date: Tue, March 6, 2018

Time: 6:45 PM – 9:30 PM


Location: Melville Centre for Dialogue, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

8771 Lansdowne Road, Richmond, BC V6X 3V8


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In the middle of the desert, under the sweltering sun, an entirely new city has emerged -- a city that consists of 80 percent children. From the perspective of four children from different social backgrounds, we get to see and feel what it is like to grow up in this city: the refugee camp Zaatari. A place with little resources or prospects for improvement, but with space for dreams.

Ferras (10) is the silent, poor boy with an old soul. He is being haunted by the war. Ferras works hard and is hard to read, while Fatma (12), whose best friend is a rooster, is much more open and assertive.

Miryam (15) is nearly a woman. She strives for a pious life, but falls in love with Shakespeare. And then there is the rich Hammoudi (8), who can buy anything he likes; for him the camp is paradise.

Despite their situation, the children show the ability to make something out of nothing; a wad of paper becomes a soccer ball, two insects a zoo. Zaatari Djinn is a rarely intimate movie about the resilience of children who view life a lot rosier than adults. Zaatari may be a place lacking history or future, it is also a home.



America/Vancouver DocuAsia: Zaatari Djinn Zaatari Djinn Date: Tue, March 6, 2018 KPU Richmond