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Open Technology - The 3rd Pillar of Open Education

Open Technology - The 3rd Pillar of Open Education

March 30, 2017
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
KPU Richmond - Melville Centre for Dialogue


Clint Lalonde, Manager, Education Technology, BCcampus

The Open Education movement has gained a great deal of traction in the 10 years since the groundbreaking 2007 Capetown Declaration on Open Education, due largely in part to the increasing acceptance and use of Open Educational Resources (OER), like open textbooks. Recently, a second wave of open educators have begun to emphasize the importance of a new emerging pedagogical model enabled by open education, referred to as open pedagogy. 

In addition to OER and open pedagogy, a third pillar of the open education movement revolves around the importance of open technologies. The 2007 Capetown Declaration sates that, "open education is not limited to just open educational resources. It also draws upon open technologies that facilitate collaborative, flexible learning and the open sharing of teaching practices that empower educators to benefit from the best ideas of their colleagues."

In British Columbia, a small ad hoc group of educators known as the BC Open EdTech Collaborative has been quietly experimenting with different open technologies that have the potential to support open education practices, and with different models to be able to support users of open education technologies.

In this session, Clint Lalonde will talk about the connection between open education and open source software, the importance of open technologies to the open education movement, and will demonstrate some of the open education technologies that the BC Open EdTech Collaborative have been exploring.

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