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Decide by KPU Program

What is the best fit with your program at KPU?

Unsure of what Global Learning Experiences are available to you? Not to worry! There are lots of options, including exchange or field schools! Below, we've provided some details which are specific to different programs at KPU to help guide you. Note that there are often many different options for exchanges and field schools depending on each student's preferences. We also strongly recommend that you talk to an Educational Advisor about your degree completion requirements .

KPU Field School Options:

There are many opportunities for short term study all around the world. Field Schools are structured programs for a group of students that takes place outside the traditional classroom, supplementing the students' academic training with hands-on experience in another culture or environment. Most Field Schools are open to all students in all programs at KPU. However, you're required to meet the course prerequisite requirement (each Field School offers a different course.)

KPU Exchange Options by Programs A-Z:

Don't see your program? Feel free to contact us and we'll help provide you with more information! New program information is being added all the time!