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Cuba Internship

Travel to Cuba and experience our food security project in Sancti Spiritus. Participate and experience the cultural differences between Canada and Cuba. Deepen your studies; and increase your understanding of global issues and sustainable food production challenges for developing countries.

Sancti Spiritus, Cuba


Proposed Schedule
Dates    Spanish 
Late January First week of Spanish classes in SS 2 weeks f/t Spanish 
Late January Second week of Spanish classes in SS
Early February Begin Internship (3 weeks) 12 weeks of weekly Spanish 
March Internship (5 weeks)
April Internship (4 weeks)
Late April Final Presentation and Orientation of next students  14 weeks total 

Program Fees:

Bicycle in a Box (tax receipt issued if donated)

 $ 150.00

Contribution to Site Visit

 $ 200.00



Contribution to Host Organization

 $ 300.00

Program Fee Total


*Note: Students are required to pay CUC$200 to cover food expenses upon arrival to the residence.

Other Costs (Estimates):

Airfare (incl bicycle, suitcase)

 $ 1,500.00

Language classes first two weeks: 5-6 hours daily classes and walking abouts. Remainder of Internship, 1 hour class/week

 $  600.00

Travel medical insurance

 $  300.00


Sancti Spiritus Expenses


Food, entertainment, local transportation $50/month

 $  150.00


Kwantlen Costs


Tuition co-op

 $     650.00


 $  5,050.00

Classes Offered:
Co-op term. Students will pay tuition for the term.


- Current KPU student in good academic standing

- Passport valid for at least 6 months after return

- 30 credits of study, in a suitable program, at least half credits at KPU and returning to KPU after internship

- Some language study in Spanish prior to departure

- 2 recommendations from referees, short listed by your Program Chair, successful interview

- Submit CV, transcript (not official), statement of Interest and application form

- Fundraising for project - 25 donations of $10 (cards)

- Predeparture session (4 at least)

- Travel with the group

- Taking project stuff

- Write, video, share your experience

Application Form:
Download your application form

Reference Form:
Download your reference form

Scholarship Information:
Remember to check the availability and requirements of the different scholarships offered. 

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Contact Information:
Deborah Henderson

Joseph Watson-MacKay - Richmond Campus

Alex Leach - Surrey Campus