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Go on Exchange

Want to have the experience of a lifetime? You’ve come to the right place! Exchange is a program where you as a KPU student have the opportunity to attend one of our partner institutions (located all around the world). During your exchange you will pay KPU tuition, have an amazing time, and will receive full transfer credit for your courses taken abroad.

Eligibility Requirements:

To go on exchange you must:

  • have completed 30 university credits by the time you wish to go on exchange (15 of those credits must have been completed at KPU)
  • have a GPA of 2.67
  • be willing to return to KPU after your exchange for a minimum of 9 credits

If you do not meet one of the above requirements, please contact an International Exchange Coordinator to discuss your options.

Is exchange right for me?

Going abroad can be a very exciting and fun experience. There are also times where it will be a bit stressful and challenging. The rewards for going abroad far outweigh the challenges but it is a good idea to prepare yourself to be open-minded and flexible throughout the experience. Here is how to get started...

KPU Exchange Process:

Step 1 Make sure you are eligible to go (see above).
Step 2 Attend an upcoming exchange info session (see below).
Step 3 Read through the Frequently Asked Questions page.
Step 4 Learn from KPU students who have been away!
Step 5 Talk to an Educational Advisor about your course/degree completion requirements and decide what works for your program.
Step 6 Research partner universities and decide where you want to go.
Step 7 Determine what your academic and personal goals are for your experience.
Step 8 Find out about international scholarships and awards.
Step 9 Meet with an International Exchange Coordinator to discuss specific questions you may have.
Step 10 Submit your exchange application by the application deadline.
Step 11 Get nominated to the partner institution to go on exchange.
Step 12 Attend a pre-departure session and apply to your host institution.
Step 13 Travel, learn, experience, and grow while on exchange.
Step 14 Return home and attend a re-entry session.
Step 15 Help promote Open World Exchanges to other KPU students.

It's as simple as that. We hope you decide to embark on this amazing adventure. If you have any questions, please contact us.