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HZ University of Applied Sciences


Vlissingen, Netherlands

Field of Study:

All programs offered in English

Language of Instruction:

English and Dutch

Semester Dates:

Fall semester: End August - End January
Spring semester: End February - End June


Exchange information:

Exchange Student Handbook:


TBP - Please contact us for more information.

Institution Transfer Credit Database:

TBP - Please contact us for more information.

Course Information:

Program Information:


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Cost of Living:

Train ticket to Amsterdam:- Vlissingen About €50 (return ticket)
Rent per Month ~ €300 - € 450
Bike (second hand) ~ €50 - €150
Dinner (homemade) ~ €3
Dinner (restaurant, excl. drinks) ~  €20 - €50
Soft Drink or Beer (in bar/restaurant) ~ €2,00 / €3,00
Bus Ticket Averagely €1.90 per zone
Mobile Phone (pre-paid) From € 40,- (very simple phone) / Prepaid sim-card about €5,-
Transportation: Bike
Health insurance: Canadian Health Insurance will be sufficient

Visa Information:

About eur 50 for the Working Holiday Program

More Information:

HZ University of Applied Sciences