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Incubator Program

What is it?

The Incubator Program is an integral part of the Farm School Program. While it is not mandatory for students to apply, it is highly recommended as this is the place where students apply all the knowledge and skills that they have learned in school. While farm school provides the fundamental knowledge and skills to starting a farm operation, having your own farm and having to make your own decisions is another steep learning curve. We believe that students should pursue an incubator plot upon completion to maximize learning. The alumnis who have purchased farmland had completed 3 years of incubator farming.

Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to access up to ½ acre of land at the site of the school to start their own farm businesses. Students can access this land for up to 3 years. As an incubator farmer, they have access to a communal tool share, technical support from the coordinators and mentorship support from the teachers and farm manager. It is ideal for aspiring farmers to start their businesses, create their own network and their markets

Where are the sites?

We have two locations for incubator programs and students have a choice of which location they prefer.

  • South Richmond: At the intersection of Dyke Rd. and Gilbert Rd.
  • Tsawwassen Farm School


  • Student must complete a minimum requirement of class attendance to be able to apply: 80% of all classes and 350 practicum hours
  • Applicants must submit a business proposal that outlines their business goals and visions, market research, financial goals, production goals and marketing plan.
  • Farm operation must be a business, not sustenance farming

Incubator plots are only available to graduates of either the Tsawwassen or Richmond Farm School programs.