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Bachelor of Science in Nursing Advanced Entry

The BSN AE program is an alternative to the traditional four-year entry level nursing program. It serves a distinct group of mature, successful learners and recognizes their prior learning. Students who qualify for this program have already completed an undergraduate baccalaureate degree and then finish the nursing portion of their education in 27 months. Students will complete their nursing education and be in the nursing workforce 18 months earlier than graduates from the traditional BSN program. The BSN AE program is designed to provide highly effective, efficient, and meaningful learning experiences for students. Program learning experiences satisfy the requirements of academic rigour, meet divergent learner needs, capitalize on the skills and abilities of this specific group of learners, and promote nursing practice relevance.

Program courses are offered in a hybrid format through three residencies at Kwantlen, practice within health care agencies and communities, combined with online learning formats. The majority of theory and praxis courses are taught online, providing learning experiences that reflect inventive ways to engage learners in web-based learning. Using computer-based and mobile technologies, instructors use the hybrid model to redesign most classroom and laboratory content into new online learning activities, such as case studies, tutorials, self-testing exercises, ePortfolios, simulations, creative and project work, and online group collaborations.

For additional program information please follow this link to the KPU Academic Calendar.

If you are interested in this program and have admission or progression related questions, please email BSNAE