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Faculty of Health

Our instruction in health issues connects you to programs that are implemented in hospitals, clinics, community agencies and homes. Whether your profession will involve preventative medicine, long-term care, recreation and social support or building healthy communities, our learning environment provides an exceptional, hands-on education.

Acupuncture Diploma Program

This program offers comprehensive courses, including English and Mandarin language, communication, Ancient Chinese philosophy, and Western biomedical sciences which are necessary for the critical understanding and development of complex TCM concepts.

Health Foundations Certificate Program

The purpose of this certificate is to provide foundational health courses which will prepare students with knowledge and skills necessary to enter the second year of a KPU nursing degree program.

Health Unit Coordinator: Certificate

This program provides you with the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and values needed to work as a member of a health team in a variety of health-care settings, including acute, long-term and extended care.

Health Care Assistant: Certificate

This program provides you with the opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and values needed to work as a frontline caregiver in a variety of long-term care settings which include both residential care facilities and home support agencies.

Nursing: Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing

Through this program, you will learn the skills needed to become a competent, creative and caring practitioner of psychiatric/mental health nursing. Graduates of this program will work in mental health settings including forensic psychiatry, addiction facilities, acute and long-term care hospitals, clinics and home care agencies.

Nursing: Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Prepare for a career as a registered nurse in a variety of health-care environments. This program educates nurses to work with individuals, families, groups and communities from a health promotion perspective and with an ethic of caring. Students develop sensitivity to people's experiences with health and healing, and learn to work as partners with clients and other health-care providers.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Advanced Entry

The BSN AE program is an alternative to the traditional four-year entry level nursing program. It serves a distinct group of mature, successful learners and recognizes their prior learning. The program is open to applicants who already have a four year degree as well as a first year Anatomy course, a first year Physiology course, one first year English course and 1 other 3 credit course outside the Health discipline.

The 27 month long BSN AE program is taught using a hybrid or blended approach. Most courses are taught online, augmented by the use of tablets and other innovative technologies. The program also includes two two-week long residencies on the Langley campus as well as two full-time practice semesters in various health care agencies in the Lower Mainland.

Nursing: Graduate Nurse Internationally-Educated Re-entry Certificate

Nurses trained in other countries may enhance nursing skills as required by the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC).

Nursing: Graduate Nurse Qualifying Certificate of Completion

Nurses who graduated outside BC will learn mental health, maternal child and pediatric nursing to qualify for registration in BC.  Intakes for this program are suspended indefinitely. Please contact for availability of individual courses. 

Nursing: Graduate Nurse Re-entry Citation

Intake for this program has been postponed indefinitely. Renew your registration with the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia (CRNBC) or upgrade into acute care.


Community Support Worker: Diploma or Certificate

Intake for this program has been postponed indefinitely.

Acquire the knowledge and skills to support individuals with mental disabilities in the community and/or become a teacher assistant in schools.

Gerontology–Based Therapeutic Recreation: Certificate

Intake for this program has been postponed indefinitely.

Plan, implement and evaluate client-centred recreation programs for the elderly in settings such as adult day centres, extended care units, special care units, assisted living sites, seniors' centres, and parks and recreation programs.