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“The courses and faculty have allowed me to learn and grow in an environment I enjoy. They have also made it possible for me to pursue a career in a field I love.” Jacquie Faubert, 2008 Graduate

Horticulture surrounds us, enriching our communities and our lives. Horticulturists produce fruits, flowers, and plants in greenhouses and nurseries. They design, install, and maintain parks and gardens in our communities. And horticulturists maintain our sports fields and golf courses ensuring we have safe, fair, and enjoyable athletic competitions.

WHY CHOOSE HORTICULTURE?Horticulture offers you the opportunity to:
• be creative
• be entrepreneurial
• solve technical challenges
• advance community sustainability
• produce food, flowers, and nursery plants

Enrol in the School of Horticulture to become successful horticulturists. Faculty and staff are dedicated to creating an exceptional learning experience that leads to career and personal success. In class, students combine scientific principles, aesthetic values, business practices and community awareness to produce and manage plants and landscapes. School of Horticulture graduates are successful and provide leadership and service to our communities.

Complete 5 - 7 courses and earn a university credential in as little as 8 months.
The courses in each citation credential are transferable to at least one Kwantlen Horticulture Diploma.


Enrol in a citation to:
• develop technical skills and knowledge
• apply technical knowledge to solve practical problems
• prepare for employment with an industry specialization
• develop critical thinking skills using industry specific problems


  • meet the English proficiency requirement of a minimum of “ C ” grade in English 12, or English 12 First Peoples, or Technical Professional Communications 12, or Communications 12, or equivalent
  • have graduated from a secondary school equivalent to British Columbia Grade 12, or be 19 years of age or older on the first day of classes

An applicant who does not meet any of the above admission criteria may appeal for admission as a Special Admission student to a specific program.

For a complete listing of all requirements that meet Kwantlen’s English Proficiency requirement, refer to the online calendar at


Citations are based on courses currently offered in Horticulture Technology programs.
See Program Requirements for more details.

School of Horticulture

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