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Data and Research Requests


Research Services Available on Request from the Office of Institutional Analysis & Planning (IAP) 

General Information:

The research services of IAP are for gathering information required by the University in the management of its affairs. The first priority is research requested by University administrators to support essential University operations and inform planning, evaluation and decision-making. This includes data and information to inform new program proposals, and support program reviews. IAP also has responsibility for FTE and other accountability reporting to government, and preparing data reports for external audiences, such as AUCC, Macleans, and Statistics Canada.

IAP is not able to assist with personal research.

Please note: All surveys, data, and data analysis related to program review are handled by Program Review staff.  Please do not contact IAP directly for these.

Data Analysis for University Operations:

IAP staff can prepare specialized data analyses using KPU data to support planning, evaluation and decision-making.  These include tracking, trending and correlation studies; e.g., what relationship is there between different high school grade levels and successful completion of English 1100? What are the characteristics of students who stay at KPU for less than one academic year? How many KPU employees in which areas are likely to retire in the next five years?

IAP also has access to restricted provincial databases dealing with other BC public postsecondary institutions’ information: e.g., enrolments, credentials, student outcomes, student transitions and mobility, which can be used to answer comparative or contextual questions. Information about private and out-of-province institutions may also be obtained.

Other Research for University Operations:

IAP staff can compile information on different topics or direct individuals to specialized sources of information they can access themselves. Examples of these are competitive and labour market analyses prepared for new program proposals, research to inform the new faculty performance appraisal process, and programming at other polytechnic universities.

Survey Research for University Operations:

In addition to the regular surveys it conducts; e.g., the biennial employee survey and the fall student satisfaction survey, IAP conducts targeted surveys to gather information required by the University. IAP can design and administer an effective survey, either paper or web-based, to gather specific information not otherwise available. Survey analysis and reporting are done by IAP staff as required. Timing institutional surveys to avoid contacting the same audience too often in the same time period is important so make your request as early as possible. Please refer to the University Survey Management Policy for information.

Resources for Personal Survey Research:

Regrettably, IAP is not able to provide any assistance with surveys to an individual KPU employee conducting personal research, although staff in the office may be prepared to work on such projects in their own time on contract. IAP cannot provide contact information for KPU students or employees for individual research.

For individual faculty members conducting survey research, please contact IAP for access to a survey tool that meets BC privacy legislation. Please note that Survey Monkey is not compliant with BC privacy legislation.

To Request Research Services:

Requests for ad hoc research or for new original research should be sent to the Executive Director of IAP or to one of the Managers or to

Please include as much detail as possible regarding the research question, if applicable, data definitions and the intended uses of the information produced. The more detail included in the request about when the information is needed and who the intended audience is the better and faster IAP can respond.

Please submit your request to our office well in advance of deadlines as it may not be filled immediately. All requests for data and analysis are put in a queue and processed according to the priority of the request relative to institutional operating or strategic planning goals, and in the order they are received.