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Intermediate Web Design (LERN) - CMPT 9009

Anyone wanting to find out how to create effective and dynamic websites/applications will want to take this course. You may be a webmaster or a graphic designer already creating static websites wishing to take your skills to the next level. You will acquire the fundamentals of the most popular Web 2.0 technologies. You will take away a functioning web application hosted on a web server that is both accessible and Search Engine Optimized.
Unit 1 JavaScript
  • Expressions and Control Flow
  • Functions, Objects, and Arrays
  • Form Validation and Error Handling
  • Accessing CSS from JavaScript
Unit 2 MySQL
  • Install a local testing server
  • Use phpMyAdmin to create MySQL databases and manage users
  • Create MySQL database tables with common field types and options
  • Gain a working knowledge of most common MySQL statements
Unit 3 PHP
  • Structure
  • Expressions and functions
  • Objects and arrays
  • Practical use
Unit 4  Accessibility and Search Engine Optimization
  • Accessibility Guidelines
  • Accessibility Conformance
  • Search Engine Optimization

Instructor: LERNregister now button
Oct 2-27, 2017
$319 + GST

CRN: Oct 80276

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