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City Of Richmond: Response To Genetically Engineered Free BC Resolution

City Of Richmond: Response To Genetically Engineered Free BC Resolution


City of Richmond Regular Council Meeting Minutes responding to City Of Richmond: Response To Genetically Engineered Free BC Resolution. See Council Meeting Minutes, May 28th, 2012 for details. See excerpt below:


" 8. City Of Richmond: Response To Genetically Engineered Free BC Resolution

(File Ref. No. 008-4040-08-01) (REDMS No. 3518727, 3523078, 3523135, 3521708)


(1) WHEREAS for the purposes of this resolution the following terms are defined accordingly:

“Genetic Engineering and Modification / Genetically Engineered and Modified (G.E., G.M., G.M.O.)” refers to the direct manipulation of an organism’s DNA using recombinant DNA technology.  For the purposes of this resolution genetic engineering does NOT include traditional selective breeding, conjugation, fermentation, hybridization, in vitro fertilization, tissue culture, or marker assisted selection;

(2) WHEREAS such crops may pose health and other risks; and

(3) WHEREAS there are now a limited number of such crops grown in the City of Richmond each year,



(1) That the City of Richmond hereby opposes the cultivation of genetically engineered plants and trees in the City of Richmond with the exception of existing GMO crops, and that from this Resolution forward, no further GM crops, trees, or plants should be grown in the City of Richmond. This also includes GM fruit trees, all GM plants and shrubbery, GM vegetables, GM commodity crops and any and all field tests for medical and experimental GM crops;

(2) That Option 1: Support Consumer Choice/Advocate for Strengthened Senior Government Management as described in the report titled “City of Richmond: Response to Genetically Engineered Free BC Resolution”, dated April 26, 2012, from the Interim Director, Sustainability and District Energy be endorsed;

(3) That letters be sent on behalf of Council to the Prime Minister, Premier and leaders of the Federal and Provincial opposition, and copied to relevant Ministers in the Federal and Provincial governments, Richmond MPs and MLAs, Metro Vancouver, UBCM, the LMLGA, and the FCM, advising of these resolutions and requesting strengthened management of genetically modified plants, including the introduction of mandatory labelling requirements, more transparent assessment procedures and enhanced communication with the public; and

(4) That the City of Richmond agrees to revisit this resolution as pertinent new information becomes available that affects this resolution.





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