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Become a Peer Tutor

To apply to a tutoring position, you will need to do the following:

  • Fill out this Tutor Application Form.
  • Check your email for information about your interview time.
  • Attend an interview.

Job Description

Tutors receive three levels of training. Principle duties include tutoring KPU students to help them become more effective learners. Tutors achieve this by asking questions about the student's understanding of the subject area, making suggestions about how to study or a method of approaching a problem, modelling appropriate learning strategies, and by referring the student to learning resources or other services within or outside the university. Peer Tutors are not expected to teach coursework. They are not expected to be substitutes for teachers and they are definitely not allowed to do the student's work or assignments. Peer tutors are current KPU students helping other students to learn.


Tutors are paid minimum wage and are expected to work between 4–10 hours per week.

Minimum Qualifications 

Be registered as a KPU student.
Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 and have completed at least 24 credit hours.
Provide references from two KPU instructors who would support your application.