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Multipass Exemption Application


We will start accepting applications for Summer 2018 on March 5, 2018.  The application deadline for Summer 2018 will be May 18, 2018.

**For students studying in non-semester based programs, such as Trades programs, we accept applications on an ongoing basis. Your application deadline is the second Friday after the first day of your course(s).


  • Don’t forget to include all necessary supporting documents. Applications will be considered incomplete until we have all supporting documents.
  • Remember to check your provided KPU student email address for all communications regarding your application.
  • Exemptions are approved on a semester-by-semester (or study period) basis. Please remember that you will need to apply for exemption each semester (or study period).
  • If you plan on requesting for exemption in a given semester (or study period), DO NOT request/activate your U-Pass benefit for the semester (or study period). By activating the U-Pass benefit, you have committed yourself to the program for the entire semester (or study period) and we will not be able to approve your exemption. 
  • The number of exemptions that KPU can grant is limited contractually by Translink. Exemptions may not be granted to all eligible students in the event that exemption requests exceeds limits. Students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. 

For questions or information about Multipass Exemption Applications, please visit our FAQ page or email