Login Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is my User Name/User ID?

User Name is your 9-digit KPU student or employee identification number. The User ID will be the same as your User Name.
For students admitted to Kwantlen Polytechnic University, your KPU Identification Number was given on your acceptance letter.

Are the Password and PIN the same?

Yes, PIN and password are used interchangeably.

The Personal Identification Number (PIN) you have been issued if you are new to KPU is a 9-character password based on your birth date in the alphanumeric format (DDMonYYYY). For example, January 01, 1999 will be 01Jan1999.

Upon your first log-in to Online Self-Service, you will be required to change this PIN to a personalized PIN as well as to answer security questions. You must change your PIN to a personalized PIN because you are responsible for any activity and fees incurred when your User ID and PIN are used.

What are the Password/PIN creation rules?

Password is your Personal Identification Number (PIN). The first time you login the PIN is based on your birthdate (DDMonYYYY). For example, January 01, 1999 will be 01Jan1999.

You should change your PIN immediately.

PIN Rules:

IMPORTANT: Your new PIN will expire 180 days after changing it.

Where can I change my Password/PIN?

Your PIN can be changed in;

What happens if I have repeated unsuccessful logins?

If you are logging into myKwantlen, five repeated unsuccessful logins will result in a delay of 30 seconds before you can next login. More failed logins will impose a longer delay.

If you are logging into Online Self-Service your access will be locked for 30 minutes after five repeated unsuccessful logins.

  If your access is locked and you are a student:

  If your access is locked and you are an employee:

Why do I need Security Questions?

You need the answers to the security questions to reset your password or get help over the phone if you have disabled your access.
There are 10 security questions that are provided in Online Self-Service, out of this 3 need to be answered. This can be done by choosing your home tab and Password Management, or Online Self-Service and Personal Information Menu. You can change your security questions anytime.

What do I do if I have forgotten my Password/PIN?

How do I log in?

If this is your first time logging into myKwantlen:

If this is your first time logging into Online Self-Service:

If you are having trouble logging in click on Forgot Password:

Still can't get in?

Bring your photo ID to any Student Enrolment Services office or IT Service Desk, and we'll try to help.

What are the Supported Browsers?

To log in and use the system effectively, you should be using the latest version of one of the following Internet browsers


   Apple Mac (OS X)

Who can I contact?

If you are unable to verify your authenticity via our online mechanisms please contact Student Enrolment Services at 604-599-2000

  Phone: 604.599.2100

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