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Faster and easier process to request a Library DVD

Faster and easier process to request a Library DVD

06/13/2017 - 10:02

Now when you look up a video and the one you want is in DVD rather than streaming format, the “Place Hold” option is much more simplified. You only have to provide your student or banner number, password and campus. Want the video reserved for a specific date/time/location? The more fulsome classroom use hold form is still available.

Some fun video search tips

  • Most movies have the subject term feature film
  • Many other genre categories are subject terms too, eg. drama, horror, documentary….
  • Like most database searching, finding the best subject terms are usually the key to finding what you want. Check out the subject terms attached to the video you found in the catalogue by clicking on the “Catalogue Record” link along the top of the item information; you’ll find the subject terms near the bottom of the page.

Want some search help? Ask a Librarian

Looking for a video to show your students in the classroom and not finding what you need? Contact the Liaison Librarian for your discipline area.

Need some assistance booking a video for your class? Contact your campus Equipment & Media Services Staff.