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Moodle for Faculty

Additional support is available to assist faculty members making the transition from a Luminis course homepage to Moodle. See: Moving to Moodle from Luminis (myKwantlen)

What is Moodle?

Moodle is an open source course management system designed by educators for educators. It is being used worldwide and has a large and supportive development community.

If you are teaching a fully or partially online course, a Moodle site will be automatically generated for your course and will be available on KPU's main Moodle site: approximately eight weeks prior to the start of each semester.

As of August 16, 2016, Moodle courses will be created automatically each semester when they are configured in Banner and assigned to an instructor.

This should happen approximately eight weeks before a new semester starts (or roughly when registration opens for the new semester). A message will be sent to you when your Moodle course is created. If you don't receive a message or see your Moodle course on the main Moodle site: , please check with your Dean's office or contact the IT Service Desk.

Combining sections

If you are teaching multiple sections of a course and want to combine them into a single Moodle site, please make a request to the IT Service Desk. Please do this before you open your courses to students.

How to request a development or "practice" course

You may request a Moodle site on our development area at any time throughout the year: .This allows you to work on upcoming courses and then copy your content to the "live" site when you are ready to teach the course. Students cannot access the development area.

Faculty Responsibilities

Faculty members wishing to re-use course content from one semester to another are responsible creating and retaining their own back up files and for restoring the content in subsequent semesters. The back up and restore procedures are posted on the Moodle Faculty Community site. The IT Service Desk can assist you if you have problems or questions.

Faculty members are also responsible for ensuring that the content on their Moodle sites adheres to KPU's copyright guidelines. Copyright-related questions should be directed to


Technical support for instructors and students is provided by the Information Technology (IT) Service Desk (604-599-2116). Regular support hours are from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. After hours, problems may be reported by voicemail or through IT's Self-Service Portal.

The Moodle Faculty Community is an online resource for instructors using Moodle at Kwantlen. Visit the Moodle Community here: (Log in with your employee ID and PIN or click on the Guest Access button).

For other questions about Moodle or technology tools for teaching, please contact Meg Goodine, Manager, Learning Technology at 604-599-2114 or by email at

Student Access

Instructors need to make their Moodle courses available before students can access them. Visit the Moodle Community for Faculty for a semester startup checklist