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Tips for Parents


Attending a post-secondary institution is an exciting time for both students and parents. It marks the beginning of a new phase in your son’s/daughter’s life, filled with exciting new opportunities. It can also be a stressful and challenging phase—here are a few tips to make the transition as successful as possible.

Take advantage of all our resources

We have a wealth of experience helping new students successfully meet the challenges they’ll face as they work towards graduation. Our student services can help select the program that meets your son's/daughter's needs, provide ongoing support while studying at KPU, and help him/her make the transition to graduate school or his/her new career.

Provide Support

We understand that letting go is hard, but now’s the time. At KPU, we provide a learning environment where any student who applies themselves will succeed. Our goal is to instil the confidence and leadership qualities in all of our graduates so that they can succeed at KPU and beyond.


This is an exciting time: your son/daughter is about to be exposed to a much bigger world. He/she is going to have a lot to say, so take the time to share in his/her successes and listen to his/her challenges.

Help manage time and stress

KPU is a challenging academic environment. Many new students can have difficulty balancing the workload and expectations of undergraduate studies. As a parent, you’re a pro at juggling multiple responsibilities and meeting multiple deadlines. Help your son/daughter set realistic deadlines and study schedules.

Stay healthy and balanced

A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Regular exercise, plenty of sleep and making time for friends and family are just as important to success as studying. Make sure that your son/daughter maintains a healthy balance of studying and recreation.

Take advantage of all that KPU has to offer

KPU offers a wide range of social, cultural and recreational opportunities that enhance your son's/daughter's educational experience. He/she can join a club, volunteer for a student committee, or attend a musical concert or athletic event—there’s much more to KPU than academics.