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The KPU Pathway

About the KPU Pathway

As part of KPU’s new admission model, the KPU Pathway to US (Undergraduate Studies) is an exciting new initiative. KPU is a proudly open-access institution that supports all learners in their pursuit of academic success. In keeping with this core value, KPU is creating a new paradigm with the opportunity for students to take a limited number of undergraduate courses at the same time as they complete the upgrading necessary to meet KPU’s English proficiency requirement for undergraduate admission.
Under the new model, students who are already clear about their interest in pursuing an undergraduate program will have the opportunity to complete upgrading courses in our Faculty of Academic and Career Advancement (ACA) while identifying as a Pathway student in one of our other Faculties:

  • Arts
  • Business
  • Design
  • Health
  • Science and Horticulture
  • Trades and Technology

A student can begin developing an affinity to their intended Faculty upon immediate entry to KPU while we provide the scaffolding and supports necessary to address English proficiency needs.

The Pathway is a unique model that pairs upgrading and undergraduate studies with guided support, offering students an option to also begin work toward their intended undergraduate program in the Faculty of their choosing. And, as always, the option to start out in the Faculty of ACA remains – it’s all about choices, and we want KPU students to have an option that fits them best. Not only does The Pathway bring clarity to the admission process, it also helps to create parity in the options we provide to native and non-native English upgraders.
Check back regularly for updates!