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Strategic Planning

The KPU Strategic Plan: VISION 2018 is the result of nine months of discussions both internally and with KPU's external communities. It builds upon related work undertaken over the past few years and on our ongoing analysis of the environment in which we operate.

Our vision and goals have been tested against the expectations of the communities we serve and against scenarios for the future of our region and our province. We believe that our three themes of Quality, Relevance and Reputation capture both the challenge and the opportunity that presents themselves to KPU.

All great cities and towns have vibrant and well recognized universities and colleges. Improving quality and relevance at KPU will build our reputation and so contribute to the evolution of our region. KPU will be sharing the progress towards our vision openly and regularly, and thereby generate the momentum needed for the University and our communities to mutually support each other, and to grow and thrive together.

VISION 2018 is very bold. We will realize it by harnessing the palpable optimism, passion and dedication of everyone at KPU.

Strategic Plan: VISION 2018 (PDF)