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How to Read the Timetable


KPU's course timetable provides you with all the necessary information you need to plan your course schedule and register successfully. Here is a common example of the course and section information contained within the timetable:

Timetable sample

NOTE: Course information shown in red font on the timetable indicates that there have been revisions made since the initial publication of the timetable. This can include changes to the dates, days of the week, start and end times, building, room, or instructor.

Subject and Course Number

Provides the course acronym and number, which can be used when searching for available sections in the Online Self-Service System.


Provides the full descriptive course title.


Provides the number of credits hours for the course.

Course Requisites

Defines the prerequisite and/or corequisite courses, if any, required for registration into this specific course.


Our Courses are offered on a variety of campuses:
S= Surrey
R= Richmond
L= Langley
C= Cloverdale
A= Online
F= Offsite

CRN = Course Reference Number

This unique five digit number is assigned to each course section. Each section has a different CRN and is the number used to identify the section you want to add/drop in the online registration system.

SECTION = Section Number

Defines campus and course section number (eg. S10 denotes Section 10 at the Surrey Campus).

TYPE = Class Meeting Type

Defines the type of class meeting: Class, Final Exam, Lab, Mid-term Exam, Orientation, Practice, Praxis, etc.

DATES = Start and End Dates of Class and Exams

Indicates the start and end dates for specific class meeting types in the form of dd/mmm.

DAYS = Day(s) of the Week a Class is Held

M= Monday
T= Tuesday
W= Wednesday
R= Thursday
F= Friday
S= Saturday

START | END = Start and End Times of Class and Exams

Indicates starting and ending times for classes and exams written in 24-hour notation in the form of hhmm.

BUILDING = Campus and Building Name

Indicates the campus and the name of the building in which the course takes place (eg. Surrey denotes campus, and Fir denotes the building).

ROOM = Classroom

The classroom number, depending on campus, may include information on the building in which the course takes place (eg. Classroom: D1364 denotes Fir Building, Room 1364).


Provides the name of the Instructor designated to teach the course section. TBA (To Be Announced) will appear in this space when no instructor has been assigned to the section at the time of the timetable publication.

Online Courses

Students registered for a course designated "Online" do not meet for a face-to-face class; however, they may need to be on campus once or twice a semester for in-person exams or an orientation. Online courses are distinguished by a section number starting with an "A" followed by the section number (eg. A denotes Online and 75 denotes section number).

Online and Partially Online Learning courses - (online activities with class instruction) sections are delivered via the web and can be accessed by any computer with an Internet connection and graphical web browser. Kwantlen's online course tool works best with version 5+ web browsers. Students wishing to participate from off-campus should arrange for Internet access prior to the start of classes. Students are required to log onto their online courses or contact their instructor within the first week of classes. Students log in by using their Student ID Number as their username and PIN as their password. After registration begins, students may consult the course homepage for further details about the course.