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FAQs | Romeo Researcher Portal

Q: I am a faculty member at Kwantlen. How do I register on the Romeo Researcher Portal as an investigator?

Register through the portal that was mailed to all Kwantlen faculty from on November 16, 2011 with the subject line 'eRSO Researcher Portal Registration Confirmation'. Faculty members new to Kwantlen after November 16, 2011, may register via Romeo Researcher Portal.

Q: I am a Kwantlen student or external researcher. How do I register on the Romeo Researcher Portal as an investigator?

Click Romeo Researcher Portal to register. Confirmation of successful registration will be sent to you within 2 days.

Q: How do I receive training?

One-on-one training is available . Call Cathy Parlee at 604.599.3163 to book an appointment. Training sessions typically take about 15 minutes.

Q: Who has access to ROMEO?

Only records associated with that login can see all applications. The ORS can see all submitted forms. In future, Deans and Deans' offices will have access for statistical purposes only, i.e. results of application.

Q: How do I sign an electronic form?

By logging on to the Romeo Researcher Portal, and submitting the electronic form, you are deemed to have signed it. The Dean and the ORS will review your submission and will also sign off electronically.

Q: How do I add co-investigators from other institutions?

Co-Investigator information must be added on the application by completing the Investigator tab. Once a person is registered, then they can access the file.

Q: When will grant application forms be available on the Romeo Researcher Portal?

Grant application forms will be available 30 days prior to the call date and will coincide with an announcement on Today@Kwantlen informing the Kwantlen community of an internal grant opportunity.