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Task Force on Academic Rank and Advancement (2010 - 2013)


To discuss, investigate and determine the rationale for rank and advancement at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and based on that rationale, to develop a framework.



  • 2 members from each faculty
  • 2 faculty who are not members of a faculty
  • no president, vice presidents, associate vice presidents, deans, associate deans
  • chair to be elected from among participants
Richmond, Alexandra Faculty of Business
Reddick, Don (Chair) Faculty of Business
Martin, Keith Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design
Vacant Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design
Hamilton, Kevin Faculty of Arts
Harrison, Heather Faculty of Arts
Walsh, Diane Faculty of Academic & Career Advancement
Pikios, Christina Faculty of Academic & Career Advancement
Laverty, Gerard Faculty of Trades & Technology
Wiebe, Doug Faculty of Trades & Technology
Liptrot, Sue Faculty of Community & Health Studies
Symonds, Dianne Faculty of Community & Health Studies
Puddicome, Tony Faculty of Science & Horticulture
Adams, Mike Faculty of Science & Horticulture
Macpherson, Alice Centre for Academic Growth
Vacant faculty member not within a Faculty



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