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How We Got Here

1972:  Our journey starts with Douglas College
1981:  Kwantlen College splits from Douglas
1995:  Kwantlen becomes the last of the University Colleges established with degree granting status
2008:  Kwantlen Polytechnic University begins


In April 2007, Geoff Plant, Q.C., recommended in his Campus 2020 publication that BC's remaining university colleges be redesignated as regional universities and that they adopt the governance structure of Thompson Rivers University (TRU).  Following this announcement, Kwantlen, Malaspina and UCFV undertook to study the TRU governance structure.

During the fall of 2007, a working group was established within Education Council to explore changes to the governance structure in anticipation of this transition.  Membership of the working group:

    Dianne Crisp
    Dana Cserepes
    Jody Gordon
    Carolyn Robertson
    Takashi Sato
    Newton Wainman

In April 2008, Premier Gordon Campbell visited Surrey campus and announced that Kwantlen was now officially a Polytechnic University.  A week later, the University Amendment Act was introduced in the legislature.  It described a bicameral governance structure, more or less in the form anticipated. 

Once the legislation was adopted, the group was expanded to include:
    David Atkinson
    Rebecca Darnell
    Dana Goedbloed
    Sandi Klassen    
    Ken McIntyre
    Judith McGillivray
    Karen Metzger
    Scott Nicoll

This working group's task was to interpret the legislation and develop ways to implement its requirements within the Kwantlen context. It worked through the summer and produced a series of recommendations brought to Education Council on September 8, 2008.  In the transition, Education Council acted as the Senate and worked to establish the foundations of the full Senate. During the fall 2008 semester, elections were called to fill the newly established Senate seats. Senate held its first meeting in January 2009.