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FAQs | Services for Students with Disabilities


How can I apply to Kwantlen Polytechnic University?

If you wish to apply to KPU please fill out an online application at:

Does KPU have special admission for people with disabilities?

Applicants with disabilities meet the same standards as students without disabilities. Assistance is provided to ensure the application form is in an accessible format.

Does KPU provide accommodations for placement tests?

Yes, KPU provides accommodations for placement tests. Contact admissions to register for a placement test and contact a Learning Specialist to request accommodations for the placement test.

Where is Services for Students with Disabilities located?

SSD is located in the Counselling Department on all Campuses.

Surrey Campus, Room Main C160, Phone: 604.599.2044
Richmond Campus, Room 1640, Phone:  604.599.2600
Langley Campus, Room 1050, Phone:  604.599.3213
Cloverdale Tech Campus, Room 1127, 604.598.6044

How is eligibility for accommodation determined?

Accommodation eligibility is determined by the Learning Specialist through a detailed review of information and documentation about barriers you may face in KPU's learning environments.  This includes the, - nature and extent of disability, - and essential learning outcomes of courses or program. Physical or learning accommodations are provided to mitigate any barriers while at KPU.

What kind of accommodation(s) could I expect to receive at KPU?

The type of accommodation(s) you will receive will vary depending on your request, your documentation, the kind of disability you have and course requirements.

Are accommodations at KPU the same as other universities?

Accommodations may be different from institution to institution. Similar accommodations may be provided at different post-secondary institutes however, as courses and programs and circumstances change, access requirements may not be the same.

Will I receive the same accommodations I received in High School?

Students will not automatically receive the same accommodations as they did in high school or at another institution. KPU will review current medical documentation, past history of accommodations, IEP’s if provided, and courses and programs the student is planning on taking to determine what is required for the student’s learning situation.

What medical documentation do I need to provide to receive accommodations?

Current documentation of disability from a certified professional in the area of disability is required to apply for accommodations. Please see documentation of disability section for detailed information and forms.

Will my high school records automatically transfer to KPU?

Students records regarding his/her disability do not automatically transfer from high school to university. A student is required to contact the school district for all necessary documentation and bring with them to their meeting with the Learning Specialist.

Who is responsible for paying for my disability documentation to verify my Disability?

KPU does not assume the cost of any diagnostic services.  Students are responsible for paying the full cost of his/her documentation.

Why do students with similar diagnosis get different accommodations?

All students are impacted differently by his/her disability, and take different courses and programs, and as such require unique accommodations. Therefore all accommodations are reviewed on a case-by-case, individual basis, and not on a diagnosis.

Does KPU provide interpreters for students who are Deaf?

Yes, KPU recruits and hires interpreters for students who are Deaf and require communication services. If you require an interpreter please see a Disability Advisor at least 2-3 months prior to your classes starting. A student is not required to pay for the cost of an Interpreter.

What do I do if I am attending KPU and I think I have a disability?

To explore options to help you determine if you have a disability, please make an appointment with a Disability Advisor at the campus you are attending/going to attend.

Do I need to submit new documentation every year?

No. When you first attend KPU you will provide your current documentation (3-5 years old). Based on this documentation, you will be provided with appropriate accommodations. If your disability changes, documentation becomes outdated, or you request additional accommodations, you may be required to provide additional documentation for review.

When can I request accommodations?

You can request accommodations at any point in your studies at KPU.  Accommodations are usually provided for an academic year beginning September 1 and ending August 31. The accommodations and letter to instructors is renewed once a year. If the disability changes during the year, or the course alters requirements, students should contact the Learning Specialist for accommodation review.

Can parents/advocates arrange accommodations for me at KPU?

A student attending KPU is responsible for their own accommodation requests and disability related questions/decisions. Parents/advocates can be a valuable resource to students; however, we provide personal disability accommodation and related information directly to students.

How much notice do I need to give for an exam to be accommodated?

A student is required to provide instructors and Assessment and Testing Services with at least 7 days' notice for any exam accommodation. This includes any booking of exams, cancellations or rescheduling.

Is my Disability information shared with my professors?

When your accommodations have been approved, you will receive an 'Accommodation Letter' to take to your instructors. This letter states that you have been approved for accommodations, and lists the accommodations that are required. Specific disability information, is not released to your instructors without your written permission.

How do I get a disability parking pass to park in the KPU parking lot?

Disability parking passes are available through Spark BC. The contact information needed to receive a parking pass is:

4445 Norfolk Street
Burnaby, BC, V5G 0A7
Tel: 604.718.7733
Fax: 604.736.8697

Where do I find out about transportation to and from school?

Public Transportation questions, please contact Translink:
Transit Customer Information - 604-953-3333

Where do I get information on a KPU Temporary Disabled Parking permit?

For further information visit:

If I am registered with Services for Students with Disabilities Department, will it show up on my academic record?

No information about your disability, accommodations, or service from Services for Students with Disabilities is on your academic file or on your transcript.