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Student Employment

There are a variety of job opportunities to assist students with disabilities.

Students must meet the following criteria:

Must be a student at KPU or other college/university.

  • Must have a social insurance number (SIN)
  • Must be a Canadian citizen
  • Must be a BC resident
  • Must have taken an English course
  • Must be enrolled in post-secondary - transcripts are required
  • International students require:
    • Copy of SIN card - starts with a "9"
    • Copy of study permit which includes expiratory date




Exam Proctor

The exam proctor supervises exams for students with disabilities. Students may qualify for additional time to complete exams or need to write at a different time or location than the regular exam schedule. Proctors are hired to oversee the exam to ensure policies/procedures throughout the semester during the day, evening or on Saturdays are implemented. Proctors can choose their own hours and days to work. Information for Proctors.

Scribe Assistant

The scribe assistant assists students who are not able to write exams independently. Duties may consist of recording student answers to exam questions, such as multiple choice, short answer or essays. The scribe assistant only writes exactly what the student says to write, including having the student spell non-basic words, punctuation and grammar. Information for Scribes.

Reader Assistant

The reader assistant helps a variety of students where the print media presents an educational barrier. Duties primarily consist of reading material to the student during exams. This service is used as an exam accommodation when a required text, journal, or summary must be communicated orally. Information for Readers for Exams.

Library Access Assistant

The library access assistant assists a variety of students with disabilities in accessing library shelves, catalogues, periodical indices and research material, including web-based information. Students should have a good working knowledge of the KPU library catalogue and article indexes.

Scanning and Editing Assistant

The scanning and editing assistant assists students with disabilities who are blind by scanning course material to a disk to be read by a text reader. Duties include scanning class handouts, textbook information, course information and exams to a disk, editing the information to ensure accuracy and quality and labelling the disks for student use.

Note-Taker Assistant

The note-taker assistant takes notes for a student with a disability who is unable to take notes independently. Note-takers are usually enrolled in the same class with the student with a disability and are recruited through an announcement by the instructor. Note-taker assistant positions are voluntary only and are provided with free copying for notes. In exceptional circumstances the note-taker assistant will be paid to attend a class to take notes.

Application Process

If you are interested in applying for a job as a student assistant please email your student assistant application form with your resume and cover letter to