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Student Email Change FAQs

Why did KPU change student email?

The vendor that provided the email portal terminated support for this service.

When did the change take effect?

Student email accounts were discontinued as of 6:00AM on June 6, 2016.

What is my new address?

The convention for new student emails is your first name (dot) your last name, followed by, with some variation to account for users sharing the same name.

You can login to and confirm your email address by clicking on the avatar in the top right corner of the screen.

What is the new email service provider?

New student email accounts are provided by Microsoft (Office 365).

Where is my information stored?

Your information is stored on Microsoft's new Canadian servers.

Do any other post-secondary institutions use Office 365?

Yes. Office 365 is used by Capilano University, Vancouver Community College, the University of Toronto, the University of Edinburgh, Queen's University, Brock University, Dalhousie University, Lethbridge College, and the University of Calgary, among others.

Why did KPU choose Office 365?

The Office 365 email service offers 50 GB of data storage, calendaring, and is accessible on tablets and mobile devices.

Was information saved in my old KPU email moved to the new email?

KPU’s IT department worked hard to ensure all messages and data were successfully migrated from the domain to the new domain. However, we cannot guarantee that all your data from your account automatically migrated to the new domain.

What happened if I didn't move data from my account before June 2016?

If you find that your data is missing on the new system, please contact the IT Service Desk to assist in determining the status of your migration.

When was the new account be available?

After June 6, 2016, students logged on to where they were prompted to provide a student number and password to activate the new email account.

Were emails sent my account after June 6th be forwarded to my new email account?

Yes, email sent to your account on or after June 6th will be forwarded to your new KPU student email account.

Can I use Gmail or another service instead of the email assigned by KPU to communicate?

No. KPU's Office 365 is the way the university will be communicating with students after June 6, 2016.

Can I forward my new email account to another email account?

Yes. Instructions for forwarding your new account can be found here.

What if I had my account forwarded to my personal email before? Will my new KPU student email also forward to my personal email account?

We have made every effort to ensure that forwarding settings have also been migrated to the new email service. We strongly recommend that you check your forwarding settings. Instructions for forwarding your new account can be found here.

I can't login to the new email system! What should I do?

Your username and password for will be the same as your login for other KPU systems. Please go to and try your login there. If you are able to log in to Online Self-Service but still cannot access your email, please contact the IT Servicedesk at 604.599.2116 or for assistance. If you cannot login to Online Self-Service, please reset your password/PIN with the Forgot PIN function.

Does my instructor know that my email is different?

All KPU class lists have been automatically updated with the new student emails.