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Kwantlen Polytechnic University - Parking and Transit


Kwantlen campuses are located in residential areas with limited parking. We encourage the Kwantlen University community to carpool, take transit, ride a bike or walk to Kwantlen.

Pay parking is in effect at all Kwantlen campuses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Vehicles are authorized to park in designated parking stalls only. Visitor stalls are available for short term parking up to 1-1/2 hours.

Students have the option to purchase Daily Parking Passes or Weekly E-Permits, and effective July 2012 can purchase Weekly E-Permits at a reduced rate of $14 per week to a maximum of 16-weeks, and can be purchased online here:  


To purchase these weekly E-Permits you will need to know your vehicle license plate number and have a valid credit card. E-Permits record your license plate and so the E-Permit Receipt does not need to be printed and displayed in the vehicle.

For questions about purchasing an E-Permit, please call Verrus at 604-642-4286 ex 1.

E-Permits record your license plate and so the E-Permit Receipt does not need to be printed and displayed in the vehicle.

If you have purchased a Weekly E-Permit online and need to change your license plate please notify Impark at and allow 2 working days for changes to be processed.

Weekly E-Permits are only valid for non-reserved parking stalls during regular university hours Monday to Friday but can be used for reserved parking stalls after 4:00pm Monday to Friday and anytime on Saturday and Sunday.

Kwantlen is pleased to support the Kwantlen Student Association with alternative transit options including providing 40% funding contribution for the Intercampus Shuttle Bus Service from parking revenues.

Please see the KSA website for additional information about alternative transit options including the Translink U-PASS BC Program at

For information on transit to or from any of our campuses please contact the TransLink information line at 604.953.3333 or visit the Translink website



Change to Parking Fees  

As part of a consultation process with the University Executive, Board of Governors and the Student Association, it has been a priority to keep Kwantlen’s parking rates lower in comparison to other post-secondary institutions, and at the same time, respond to the increasing costs needed to maintain parking facilities and services.

There has not been any change made to the $5 per day parking rate. The semester passes have been eliminated and replaced with a weekly e-permit, now reduced from $16 per week to $14 per week. The new system also offers the flexibility of weekly or multiple week purchases at one time.

We continue to support Kwantlen Student Association initiatives for sustainable transit alternatives, and encourage students to take advantage of these green alternatives that include the Translink U-Pass, bike lockers, the free Inter-Campus Shuttle Bus Service, Car-2-Go and carpooling. 

Changes to Reserved Parking

Effective September 2012 the Daily and Weekly E-Permits are only offered for the non-reserved parking stalls only.

To accommodate this change additional parking stalls have been re-designated for this purpose with the remaining reserved parking stalls re-designated Reserved Employee Parking for annual employee reserved permit holders only Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm.

Please note all semester parking passes purchased prior to this change will be valid until their expiry date, including reserved semester parking passes that can still be used in any reserved parking areas.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Reserved and Non-Reserved Parking?

All Student Daily Parking Passes and Weekly E-Permits are valid for non-reserved parking and Employee Annual reserved passes valid for reserved areas.

After 4:00pm Monday to Friday and anytime Saturday and Sundays, Daily Parking Passes and Weekly E-Permits are valid for reserved parking areas.

Are parking permits valid on all campuses?

Yes, the Daily Parking Passes and Weekly E-Permits are valid for parking on all campuses until it expires that day or week.

If I have a Disabled Persons' Parking (SPARC) permit do I still have to purchase a parking permit?

No, as long as your Disabled Persons' Parking (SPARC) permit is valid, Kwantlen Polytechnic University does not require you to purchase a parking permit.

If I have a Disabled Persons' Parking (SPARC) permit where can I park?

SPARC pass holders can park in the disabled parking stalls for free with their permits; however they are expected to pay if they are not parking in a designated spot. In other words, it’s the designated stall that is free and not the pass, and the pass is not transferable to other parking stalls.

What happens if all the parking is full on the Surrey Campus?

On the rare occasion that all parking spaces are full at the Surrey Campus, there is free overflow parking at the Newton Athletic Park located two blocks north of the campus on 128th Street and is available between 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM Monday to Friday.

What should I do if change vehicle license plate?

Please call Impark at 604-420-6446 extension "4110".

Can I park overnight at any of Kwantlen campuses?

No, overnight parking is not allowed.