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TALK Spring 2019 Registration

Third Age Learning at KwantlenTALK is offering a new registration method for those who pay by credit card. Although we are not able to offer online payment, we hope this form will streamline registration for you. For security reasons, we have not included a space for your credit card info on this form. Please fill in your details, choose the courses you would like, and click Submit.

Your completed form will be emailed to A TALK administrative assistant will contact you to confirm spaces are available in the courses you have chosen and request your credit card information for the total due.

If you have questions/concerns, please contact the TALK administrative assistant at 604.599.3077.

Registration opens January 14, 2019

You must be a current TALK member to register for TALK courses

A membership is required if you have not already take TALK courses in Fall 2018

Courses are listed below in the following format:  Course title | Course fee |Course date(s) | Course Registration Number