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This page will include resources for while you're teaching (e.g. student engagement, fostering self-directed learners, etc.) For resources on course (re)design, see Courses & Curriculum

Comprehensive Lists of Teaching Tips

  • - University of Waterloo has over 100 succinct documents providing useful tips on educational technologies, planning courses and assignments, assessing students, creating a positive learning environment, lecturing and presenting, learning activities, professional development, and tips for students. Includes a search feature. 
  • Teaching Tips by the Learning & Teaching Office (LTO, Ryerson University), ranging from general classroom strategies, teaching techniques, supporting your students, assessment and evaluation, technology enhanced classroom, and professional development. 

Working with English as an Additional Language (EAL) learners?

(Note: they are not all "International Students")

  • - Learn more about supporting EAL learners, who they are, the challenges they face, and preventing problems before they arise (also see Universal Design for Learning above). Credit: The Learning & Teaching Office, Ryerson University. 
  • Supporting EAL writers (LTO, Ryerson University)

Difficult Dialogues