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Teaching Fellows

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Teaching Fellows

The Teaching Fellows support and advance the quality of our teaching and learning at KPU by supporting educators through consultations, sessions and developing resources. Focus areas align with key priorities in our Academic Plan.


K-12 Transformations – Nancy Norman

Purpose: To prepare KPU educators and programs for the extensive K-12 curriculum changes and incoming students.

Opportunities to learn more:

Conversations about the redesigned K-12 Curriculum: What can KPU faculty expect

Brown Bag Series: Conversations about the redesigned K-12 curriculum: What can KPU Faculty Expect?
Come join the conversation about the recent changes to the K-12 curriculum and how these will impact KPU faculty. This hour will be an open format with emphasis on key changes including, assessment, individualized learning, core competencies, and Aboriginal perspectives.
This session is offered at various campuses Oct-Nov 2018 | Please pre-register online.

K12 field trips

Field Trips to Local High Schools for KPU Faculty

Curious about what happens inside local high school classrooms, and wonder about what students are learning before they enter KPU?
Nancy Norman, Teaching Fellow, K-12 Transformation is organizing field trips for KPU faculty to visit local high school classes to observe teachers and students in action. Some possible classes could include grade 11 or 12, English, Math, Geography, History, Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science), Shop classes, Music, BASES programs, or something of your interest.
The field trips can be arranged for individuals or small groups (2-3 faculty).
To express your interest, please complete the online registration form.


Reading Week Event with High School Teachers
Details to come.

Faculty Club event

Inaugural "KPU Faculty Club" Event
Faculty Share-a-thon on the topic of Innovative Teaching Practices.
December 4, 2018 | KPU Surrey, Grassroots
Event details and registration.

Contact: | 604.599.2920

K-12 Transformations – David Burns, PhD

Purpose: To prepare KPU educators and programs for the extensive K-12 curriculum changes and incoming students.

As one of the two recently appointed Teaching Fellows in the K-12 Transformations portfolio, David will continue to partner with Surrey Schools to provide concrete examples of the kind of work produced in the new curriculum. In addition to these examples, he will produce explanatory resources about how KPU can prepare for this shift in educational practice. He is available to consult on the ways in which the new K-12 curriculum can be built on in KPU classrooms, the key changes KPU needs to be ready for, and the pedagogical experience the new BC grade 12 graduate will expect.



Experiential Learning – Farhad Dastur

Purpose: To support faculty and instructors to realize KPU’s polytechnic mandate through the expansion and enhancement of experiential learning opportunities, and to establish a network/community of practice, resources and plan to sustain Experiential Learning at KPU.

Experiential Learning Website (

Contact: | 778.987.6515


Teaching Fellow Opportunities

Teaching Fellows provide an educational development leadership opportunity for KPU faculty members. They are seconded from their respective faculty appointments through partial time releases. This program is funded and supported by the Office of the Vice Provost, Teaching & Learning. For information on the program and current opportunities, please see the Teaching Fellow Applications page.