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VoiceThread is a 3rd-party cloud application that allows instructors to create interactive learning activities using text, video, and audio. The Learning Technology team manages an annual subscription service for VoiceThread that enables the automatic creation of VoiceThread accounts and course groups when instructors create VoiceThread activities through the Moodle external tool plug-in.

Because VoiceThread is not hosted in Canada, instructors who use VoiceThread in their Moodle courses are required to inform students that some personal information (name, KPU email address, a unique numerical identifier, and their role as student) is required for registration for the VoiceThread service. Instructors should obtain a record of consent and provide an alternative option without penalty for any students who decline to participate. A suggested consent form along with full instructions for using VoiceThread with Moodle is available on KPU's Moodle Community for Faculty site.  This site is accessible to guests (click the Guest Access button on the Moodle login page) but we recommend instructors log in and enroll themselves into the community so they can participate fully in the activities that are set up there. 

Click here to learn more about VoiceThread and its potential in your classroom.