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English Testing

KPU offers three, unique English tests which evaluate your English competency. Your English test results are then used to meet the specific program requirements and/or course prerequisites:

1. ACP Personalized English Assessments

This test can place you into the appropriate level of English upgrading at KPU. Upgrading includes high school English completion or academic preparation for university-level English courses.

Prospective students are provided a non-computerized, personalized, informal assessment to determine reading skills, reading comprehension, and writing skills.  

A short assessment to establish reading skill level is given first, followed by an untimed, multiple-choice reading comprehension assessment and a writing assignment.

The writing assignment is typically 2-3 paragraphs and may include a summary, a response to an academic article, or a discussion of a personal experience.

When the assessment is completed, a faculty member will discuss the results, make a course placement decision, and provide as much support as is needed to register for the required courses.

Prospective students are not required to study ahead of time and should allow three hours for their complete assessment.​

You should take this test if:

  • You have not completed English 12, or achieved a C or less in English 12 or if you have completed Communications 12.
  • Your English 12 provincial examination score was a grade of C or lower.
  • You wish to receive a BC Graduation Diploma.
  • You speak English fluently and understand spoken English easily but need to upgrade your reading and writing skills.

2. English Language Studies (ELS) Assessments

The ELS Placement Test (Aptis) is a computer-based test that assesses all four skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

This assessment can place you into an appropriate level of English-language upgrading. Upgrading includes academic preparation for university-level English courses.

You should take these tests if:

  • English is not your first language.
  • You have not completed at least three years of high school in English.
  • You have not completed English 12, Communications 12 or if you have completed ESL coursework in high school.

Note: Once enrolled in the English Language Studies Diploma, you cannot take the tests again

3. English Placement Test (EPT)

This is a writing-based test that can place you into a university-level English course, recommend an appropriate upgrading course, or require further ACP or ELST assessment (as above). 

  • The EPT is recommended for students who have achieved a C+ in English 12 but have not achieved a C+ or better on the Provincial English exam.  It is also recommended for students who have achieved a C+ in English 12 but seek an even stronger indicator of probable success in KPU first-year English.
  • Those considering the EPT should know that writing it does not usually result in placement in ENGL 1100, 1202, or 1204. Many students who take the EPT are placed in ENGQ 1099 or ENGQ 1089 or directed to another assessment. Being directed to an additional assessment may delay registration until the following semester.
  • The EPT is therefore not recommended for students who struggle with writing, vocabulary, grammar, or reading.  


If you require assistance in identifying which test is most suitable for you, please book an appointment with the ACA Academic Advisor online at

To book an Assessment/Test visit a Student Enrolment Services office on any campus.

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