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English Entrance Assessments

English assessments are designed to identify the appropriate English course that is reflective of the student's current knowledge, abilities, and future needs. Your English test results identify if you meet the specific program requirements and/or course prerequisites:


This is a writing test designed to evaluate your English competency. Your results will determine what university-level English course you should be placed in, recommend an appropriate upgrading course, or further ACP or ELS assessment.

ONLY take the EPT test if:

  • Achieved a C+ in English 12 OR
  • Have not achieved a C+ in English 12 but want to ensure future success in KPU first-year English

Test Format:

Part I:  Prose Passage Summary
Students are asked to read a short prose passage and to summarize its main points in a paragraph of (125-150) words.

Part II:  Essay Response
Students are asked to write a well-developed essay of approximately three hundred (300) words on one of two (2) possible topics. 

These topics are related to the subject of the prose passage.

Common errors made in placement tests are indicated in the list below.

accuracy of summary




verb tense

essay structure


parallel structure


verb form

essay content


sentence structure








modifier problems




singular & plural forms

pronoun reference


idiom (word usage)


word form

run on, comma splice


diction (word choice)



Information on Placement:

  • Writing the EPT does not usually result in placement in ENGL 1100, 1202, or 1204.
  • Many students who take the EPT are placed in ENGQ 1099 or ENGQ 1089 or directed to another assessment.
  • NOT recommended for students who struggle with writing, vocabulary, grammar, or reading.  
Take the EPT test at least 4-6 weeks before registration starts for a new semester

Note: After taking the EPT, you may be directed to an additional assessment, which may delay registration until the following semester.


The ELS Assessment is done on a computer. It identifies FIVE skills: Grammar and Vocabulary, Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing.

Take the EPT test at least 4-6 weeks before registration starts for a new semesterTake the ELS test at least 4-6 weeks before registration starts for a new semesterTake the ELS test at least 4-6 weeks before registration starts for a new semester

This assessment can place you into an appropriate level of English-language upgrading, which includes academic preparation for university-level English courses.

ONLY take the ELS test if:

  • English is NOT your first language.
  • You have less than THREE years of High School English
  • Completed ESL coursework in High School but have not completed English 12 or Communication 12

Note: Once enrolled in the English Language Studies Diploma, you cannot take the ELS test again.

To see a sample test online:


You should take this test if:

  • You have not completed English 12 or achieved a C or less in English 12 or if you have completed Communications 12.
  • Your English 12 provincial examination score was a grade of C or lower.
  • You wish to receive a BC Graduation Diploma.
  • You speak English fluently and understand spoken English easily but need to upgrade your reading and writing skills.

For more information on ACP Assessments, please go to If you require assistance in identifying which test is most suitable for you, please book an appointment with the ACA Academic Advisor online at

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