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Fees | Testing


English Assessments

ELS - Aptis Test $90.00
  ACP Personalized English Assessment No charge
  English Placement Test (EPT)


Math Assessments ACP Personalized Math Assessment No charge
  Math Placement Test (MPT)


Trades Assessments Vocational (Trades) Mathematics Test


  Vocational (Trades) Reading/Vocabulary/Writing Test


  CADD (Drafting) Mathematics Test


KPU Make-up Exams  


Typing Tests - HUC Program/External Clients  


External Invigilation Services    
Exam Invigilation  


How many times can I take an assessment?



ACP Personalized English Assessment Re-write after 4 months.
ELS (Aptis) Test - Reading/Writing and Speaking/Listening Test

Re-write after 4 months, for a maximum of 3 times.

Note: Once enrolled in the English Language Studies Diploma, you cannot take the ELS (Aptis) test again.

English Placement Test (EPT)

Re-write once per semester.

ACP Personalized Math Assessment No wait period.
Math Placement Test (MPT) Re-write after 4 weeks, for a maximum of 3 times.
Vocational (Trades) Tests - ALEKS Math test can be re-written after 4 weeks.
- Reading/writing/vocabulary test can be re-written after 3 months.
CADD (Drafting) Tests - Drafting Math test can be rewritten after 4 weeks.
- EPT can be re-written once per semester.

NOTE:  Assessment fees are non-refundable and subject to change without notice.  All testing fees must be paid at the time of booking.  Please note:  Cash payments will NOT be accepted at the Assessment and Testing Centre or by the Test Invigilator.  Cash payments must be made at the Student Enrolment Services office on any campus during regular hours of operation, Monday through Friday.

Assessment & Testing Services: "Opening Doors to Student Success"